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This Spring Break Escape, Hit the Beach with Red Oxx

This Spring Break Escape, Hit the Beach with Red Oxx

Red Oxx Gear is Ideal Beach Gear. Here’s why:


  • Red Oxx uses super tough Vislon #10 YKK zippers on all our bags because they will not get clogged up with sand and stop working.
  • Our proprietary UV resistant stitching will hold your bags together through salty water and blazing sun day after day and on and on forever.
  • All our Red Oxx airline ready travel bags are constructed using 1000 Denier weight CORDURA® Brand Nylon fabric which is water resistant and can be hand-washed and cleaned with Dr. Bronner’s Liquid Soaps.
  • If that’s not enough, you can spray your bags* with Scotchgard Water Shield for that extra touch of water protection. *Note: using Scotchgard will not void your "No Bull" Lifetime Warranty. And be aware that any "stitched bag" will leak somewhat at the seams.

That’s right, our legendary Red Oxx "No Bull" Lifetime Warranty means you can have fun, get crazy, let it all hang out, and your bags will still be there for you the next morning.

So when cabin fever reaches a desperate pitch and the herd here plans their spring break escape from under the deepest snow drifts of Montana, their spring break packing list looks like this:

Stay Organized – Packing Your Gear

Sort, organize and pack all your clothes in Red Oxx Packing Cubes, now available in a handy Packing Cube Set. For storing that much needed party cash, pick up a Rigger Surf Wallet, it won’t rot like leather wallets and has a nifty zipper pocket to stash your room key (or that all important "rubber" thingy).

The ladies can wear a stylish Chica, which is perfectly legal as a personal item when you get on the plane. Its snap-shut flap keeps out prying hands. Slip your smart phone into the zippered flap pocket where it’s ready at hand, yet out of the way.

Best Spring Break Bags

Of course you’ll want a Red Oxx bag to stuff all your spring break gear into. Try one of the herds favorite bags, the Sky Train. Its original ground-breaking and flight-making retractable backpack straps paved the way for copy cats since its introduction over a dozen years ago. Once a unique travel bag option, now all too common.

Bringing your computer? The Mini Boss Laptop Briefcase features a cleverly designed padded sleeve to secure your notebook. Or grab a Micro Manager, the tablet bag that launched to rave reviews out the gate. Looking for a few options in the laptop bag department? Head over to our Blog and read Which Laptop Briefcase Meets My Computer Needs? to help you define the right computer bag for you.

Or perhaps you dig the duffel bag option. Pick any one of several sizes and styles. From the weekender PR4 Safari Beanos Small Duffel, to the award winning PR5, both bags feature top-access center compartments and large handy end pockets. Bringing along your scuba gear? You’ll want the Flying Boxcar Large Sports Duffel, or its appropriately named little sister the Sun Chaser; both feature extra-long main compartments that can hold your SCUBA Fins, goggles and snorkel. Note that the Boxcar isn’t officially a legal carry-on.

If you like the idea of longer main compartments AND retractable backpack straps, the Tres Hombres and its smaller pal Lil Hombre not only feature long compartments (three in fact), and the hidden backpack straps, but also have exterior compression straps to compress down your load. Ideal for when you really need to jam it into a not-so-big overhead bin.

Like to pack light? Try the carry-on legal Kat Pack Backpack. Its unique rectangular shape will carry all the gear you’ll need for spring break and allow you to sprint across the airport tarmac.

Spring Break Necessities

The must-have Mini Tote – ready for the beach; you can stuff it with your water shoes or sandals, drop in a Nalgene Water bottle to stay hydrated, topped off with the Easy Sipper cap. Slip in a Bandi Belt for when it’s time to jog down the beach — its got a nifty pocket to store your Red Oxx Mini Coil Key Tether. Using a Mini Tote for your footwear can keep the sand separate from your towels and swimsuit. Those you can carry in a Mezzo Tote.

Load up all your toiletries in the world’s toughest, and most practical Tri-fold Shave Kit. Need some extra travel accessories? Find them here.

Keep your street clothes dry in a Red Oxx recommended SealLine Baja Dry Bag. When you’re all done with splashing around in the surf, dump all your wet gear into a Laundro Bag Mesh Wash Sack. Speaking of drying off, nothing beats the water absorption capacity of a Packtowl, available in four handy sizes, from face cloth, to body towel.

Once you get back to the hotel, hang up your wet clothes on a Flexo-Line Travel Clothesline. Toss your pocket goodies like keys and room card in a Travel Tray – you’ll love having all your important stuff in one place where you won’t forget it. Take a shower and wash off all that sand and sunscreen with a Red Oxx Organic Soap Bar. Then trim your water-grown nails using Seki Edge, the world’s finest nail clippers!

Naturally once your on the beach or hitting that all-night party, you’ll want to look your best in a Red Oxx Bull Trucker Hat.

When the party’s over and you’re all burnt out, relax on the plane home with a Dreamweaver Sleep Mask. Look to Red Oxx to fulfill your spring break dreams. Happy surfing and sunning!

Red Oxx Market Tote - Hawaii Tested
Red Oxx Market Tote – Hawaii Tested & Approved

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