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A Red Oxx Gift Guide for Mother’s Day Because Mom is Moo-varlous

A Red Oxx Gift Guide for Mother’s Day Because Mom is Moo-varlous

To most of us, Mom is the single most important person in our lives. She carried us around for nine months, making a commitment that she knew would last your lifetime. Then she gave birth, an ofttimes excruciating event that many times in our past took the life of the carrier. Today, birthing is much safer, and slightly more comfortable.

Following the wailing cries of the newborn babe, she nursed you with her mother’s milk and then raised and shielded you until you were able to step out on your own.

Now more than ever, Mom’s role is expanded and diverse. Today, Mom is "SUPERMOM": home-school teacher, principal, fitness coach, house warden, safety guide, nurse, guardian, entertainer, chef, shopper, and household policeman, judge and jury. Every mother should never have to worry about if the bags she uses for all the hats she now wears will let her down.

That’s a great reason why every mother deserves a gift from Red Oxx for Mother’s Day. Since Red Oxx employs quite a few mothers, they pitched in on what they’d like their loved ones to give them for Mother’s Day.

Favorite Choice Mother’s Day Gift Idea : Market Tote Shopping Bag.

Not only is the Market Tote tough, but it’s also washable, making it versatile, too. One of our most popular Christmas gifts, the Market Tote can be used for many things, from carrying the groceries, to hauling around knitting supplies, to bundling the little one’s extra coats, boots, and toys.

Sturdy Ballistic nylon, our toughest fabric, extends up the sides and around the bottom allowing it to "stand upright" all by itself. She’ll amaze those grocery store clerks, and the folks in line behind Mom, when she free-stands her Market Tote and speed loads it.
Red Oxx Market Totes - The Perfect Recyclable Grocery Bag

Best Choice Gift Idea for Mom from the Kids : Mini Tote.

Priced at about half the cost of the full size Market Tote, the Mini Tote Bag could very well be the Red Oxx bag with the most variety of uses.

Our resident new mother K.O. had this to say about her Mini Tote:

When I got the Mini Tote, my first thought was, "Hey, this is cute, but I don’t know what I’ll ever use it for?" Well, since then, I’ve used it for all sorts of things. It’s held my crochet supplies, carried small packages to the post office, and most recently, as a new mom, it has served as an "extra hand", allowing me to carry baby related small essentials around from one nursing location to another. My only regret with this bag is that I’ve only got one.

Other Mother’s said they’ve used the Mini Tote for everything from quick, short shopping trips, to lunch totes, toy totes, game totes, book totes, diaper bag, beer growler bag, dog treats and toys bag, hobbies tote, the list is endless.

Best Bag Choice Gift Idea from Dad : Chica Messenger Bag / Purse.

Mom will love the Chica’s sleek timelessly stylish utilitarian design, with thoughtful functional elements– including padding to protect her tablet, plenty of zippered pockets to store her ID, money, tissues, makeup, sunglasses, wipes, hand sanitizer, and plenty of extra masks or fancy fashionable scarves. Red Oxx’s Minister of Information bought his mother a Chica, she promptly liked it so much she purchased a second one. Said the Minister, "Mom wanted a purse she could use for our two seasons here in Montana, she takes it with her everywhere". Available in 12 vibrant colors from black to iris, Dad is sure to find a color Mom adores.

Best Friend’s Forever Choice for Mom : Booty Boss Waist Pack.

When the ladies want to look good for their BFF walk around the block, there’s no reason Mom can’t go along. She’ll love that she can wear it several different ways: around the waist in front or back, hands-free carry over-the-shoulder, cross-body, or un-clip the belt/shoulder strap and hand carry it like a clutch. Our Graphic Designer’s wife Zana uses her Booty Boss to pal around Hawaii. "I love the fact I can carry this bag so many different ways. It’s so flexible and good stylish."
Red Oxx Booty Boss Waist Pack carried over the shoulder

Best Choice for the New Mother : Maximum Utility Travel Tote.

An outstanding extra large zippered top tote bag for Moms that need to carry an arsenal of baby stuff. The M.U.T.T., as we affectionately call this tote, is Jenna’s (our resident Mom-in-the-know on social media) new favorite baby shower gift. "Its many pockets and generous size help to keep everything organized… and then some."

Number Two Choice for the New Mother : Gator EDC Diaper Bag.

Nothing says Red Oxx better than a bag that started life as a Diaper bag incognito for Red Oxx President Perry Jones, and morphed into a variety of uses over time after his kids grew up. The Gator has assumed the role of diaper bag, personal item, tablet tote, tool bag, and even range bag over the years. So much versatility makes it for one of our highest "tact time" bags – that is, an everyday bag that gets used every day, all day.

Best Choice for the Social Media Mommy : Micro Manager.

Our highly regarded tablet and electronics gadget bag will help keep Mom socially connected during lockdown and her communications devices protected.
Red Oxx Micro Manager Tablet Briefcase Takes a Stroll

There’s also a wealth of Mother’s Day gift ideas in our Travel Accessories Category, quickly becoming known round these here parts as the "travel essentials" department.

You’ll find everything from gentle Dr. Bronner’s famous liquid soaps, recommended to clean your bags, to handy Packtowl travel towels, to relaxing sleep masks and ear plugs for when Mom just needs to take some time off.
Mother's Day Gift Ideas from Red Oxx

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