As the Kings of Carry On, Red Oxx is known for innovative and diverse design in the essentials of carry on luggage.  From business travel to leisure our time tested minimalistic style has become the leader of the herd.


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Safari-Beanos PR5 Medium DuffelSafari-Beanos PR5 Medium Duffel
Safari-Beanos PR5 Medium Duffel Sale price$300.00 USD
Air BossAir Boss
Air Boss Sale price$350.00 USD
Mini Boss Laptop Travel BagMini Boss Laptop Travel Bag
Mini Boss Laptop Travel Bag Sale price$325.00 USD
Sky Train Convertible BackpackSky Train Convertible Backpack
Sky Train Convertible Backpack Sale price$360.00 USD
C-ruck Carry-on RucksackC-ruck Carry-on Rucksack
C-ruck Carry-on Rucksack Sale price$350.00 USD
Maximum Utility Travel ToteMaximum Utility Travel Tote
Maximum Utility Travel Tote Sale price$175.00 USD
Roadster Mini Ruck RucksackRoadster Mini Ruck Rucksack
Roadster Mini Ruck Rucksack Sale price$340.00 USD
C.C. Rider Messenger BagC.C. Rider Messenger Bag
C.C. Rider Messenger Bag Sale price$300.00 USD
K-12 Kat Pack BackpackK-12 Kat Pack Backpack
K-12 Kat Pack Backpack Sale price$160.00 USD
Safari-Beanos PR4 Small DuffelSafari-Beanos PR4 Small Duffel
Safari-Beanos PR4 Small Duffel Sale price$290.00 USD
Extra Small Aviator Kit BagExtra Small Aviator Kit Bag
Extra Small Aviator Kit Bag Sale price$105.00 USD
Small Aviator Kit BagSmall Aviator Kit Bag
Small Aviator Kit Bag Sale price$115.00 USD
Lil Hombre Convertible  DuffelLil Hombre Convertible  Duffel
Lil Hombre Convertible Duffel Sale price$375.00 USD
Tres Hombres Convertible DuffelTres Hombres Convertible Duffel
Tres Hombres Convertible Duffel Sale price$385.00 USD
P.U.P. Zipper Tote BagP.U.P. Zipper Tote Bag
P.U.P. Zipper Tote Bag Sale price$165.00 USD
CPA Laptop BriefcaseCPA Laptop Briefcase
CPA Laptop Briefcase Sale price$275.00 USD
Metro Laptop BriefcaseMetro Laptop Briefcase
Metro Laptop Briefcase Sale price$255.00 USD
Micro Manager Tablet BriefcaseMicro Manager Tablet Briefcase
Micro Manager Tablet Briefcase Sale price$145.00 USD
Gator EDC BagGator EDC Bag
Gator EDC Bag Sale price$185.00 USD
Jims Gym BagJims Gym Bag
Jims Gym Bag Sale price$350.00 USD
Big Bull Roll-upBig Bull Roll-up
Big Bull Roll-up Sale price$450.00 USD
Sun Chaser Sports DuffelSun Chaser Sports Duffel
Sun Chaser Sports Duffel Sale price$295.00 USD
Flying Boxcar Sports DuffelFlying Boxcar Sports Duffel
Flying Boxcar Sports Duffel Sale price$305.00 USD