Carry-on bag size is important. For Airplane travel, the bag needs to fit into the overhead bin, if the plane has one, or under the seat. Otherwise your carry-on bag will get checked. Red Oxx builds carry-on bags for men and women. The flagship of the line is our Air Boss, a soft sided suitcase co-designed with Doug Dyment of When flyers asked us for a bag for people with smaller frames, Red Oxx teamed again with One Bag and released the convertible Sky Train, a backpack bag that became the most copied carry-on around. Typical carry-on luggage dimensions are 22x14x9, or 45 total linear. For duffel bag fans Red Oxx developed the Safari-Beanos series, available in two legal sizes, and two larger checked sizes. Carry-on bag weight can vary, but generally anything over 50 pounds will have to be checked. Check out our packing videos and comparison videos on the carry-on bag pages to learn more. Carry-on travel is our basic philosophy, so no wheeled bags here!

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