Packing Cubes

Packing has never been easier when your stuff is color coded and sorted into our packing cubes.  You can play your own version of Jenga with multiple combinations of sizes.


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Red Oxx Packing Cube SetRed Oxx Packing Cube Set
Red Oxx Packing Cube Set Sale price$250.00 USD
Kingfisher top and side view color is bluePacking cube mesh top
Kingfisher Large Packing Cube Sale price$54.00 USD
Bushbaby packing cube top and side view Packing cube with monkeys fist zipper pulls and mesh top.
Bushbaby Medium Packing Cube Sale price$51.00 USD
Packing cube with mesh top. Dimensions Ten inches x seven inches x two inches depth. Orange Packing Cube with matching monkeys fist zip knots. Loop handle for carrying.
Armadilla Small Packing Cube Sale price$49.00 USD
Hedgehog XS Packing CubeHedgehog XS Packing Cube
Hedgehog XS Packing Cube Sale price$47.00 USD
Meerkat packing cube top and side view.  color is PinkMeerkat packing cube end view with monkeys fist knots in matching color.
Meerkat Long Packing Cube Sale price$49.00 USD