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Where Art Thou Red Oxx? Valentines Gift Ideas for the Oxx Lover

Where Art Thou Red Oxx? Valentines Gift Ideas for the Oxx Lover
William Shakespeare’s legendary sonnet of love and romance “Romeo and Juliet” has survived the test of time. Much like Red Oxx bags also survive the test of time. But instead of acting like Juliet and pining away for a lost lover, Red Oxx fans can indulge in their love for the Oxx at the touch of a screen or click of a mouse.

In this special Valentine’s Gift Ideas article, our heartfelt fleet of Romeoxxen have selected bags that they love so that you can love them, too… forever.  Indeed, Red Oxx may not be your first bag, but it will be your last.

For the love of money the Rigger Wallet will hold your cash in check, featuring a tri-folding billfold design with a Velcro® closure. It even has a zipper pocket for stashing those oh so important packaged “rubber” things.

Red Oxx Rigger Wallet.
Red Oxx Rigger Wallet.

We all know the key to one’s heart is through their stomach, but keeping those keys organized can be a lot to swallow. Now you can flatten your bulge in public using a Red Oxx Keychain Tether to organize your keys. Because being in love and appearing as though you’re in love might not be acceptable in said present company.

Red Oxx Key Fob Mini Coil Lanyard.
Red Oxx Key Fob Mini Coil Lanyard.

The saying goes “Two’s company, three’s a crowd” has been applied to relationships, but with the Tres Hombres, or its companion little brother – the Lil Hombre, three “long” compartments in each bag are definitely better than two. In addition, you can put the squeeze bear love hug on your belongings when you cinch down the contents using the built-on compression straps. Sweep it off it’s feet and onto your back with the retractable backpack straps. No more monkeys on your back.
Red Oxx Lil Hombre Convertible Hybrid Backpack in Iris.
Red Oxx Lil Hombre Convertible Hybrid Backpack in Iris.

Planning an overnight stay for your Valentine? Keeping a Travel Tray by your bedside will help you keep your wits about you when the fog of love sets in. Find your keys, your wallet, and your phone all in one place. Then they won’t call for the valet when they’re ready to leave you.

When romance is brimming, it’s best when you smell nice, wash up with Red Oxx Organic Bar Soaps. Experience five fine fragrances to choose from and one unscented. All made in Montana.Red Oxx Organic Bar Soaps.
Red Oxx Organic Bar Soaps.


Maybe it’s the thousands of years of gathering our ancestors did that makes the ladies so fond of shopping. Keep those evolved genes happy with a Market Tote or Mini Tote. After all, there’s nothing like love to get “carried away”.

Jennifer the Mermaid looks for pretty rocks in the river with her Red Oxx Market Tote.
Jennifer the Mermaid looks for pretty rocks in the river with her Red Oxx Market Tote.

Most everyone understands that you have to look nice to be desirable. Organize your makeup, hair care products, personal hygiene or shaving kit in our fold-open hanging Tri-fold Shave Kit. Accessing looking your best can now hang in front of you.

Every mother professes undying love for her children. Each child can do no wrong. At least until they come home from school with a trashed backpack. Upgrade to a Kat Pack Backpack and skip the rest of their childhood buying backpack after backpack. Do your part and end the backpack landfill era.

Carrying your loved one over the threshold can sometimes be a heavy job. While we don’t pertain to have a solution to that particular dilemma, you can now make carrying your bag more comforting with a Red Oxx Long Hauler Comfort Carry Strap.

Better still, get thee to the gym and get in shape with Jim’s Gym Bag. It even comes with it’s very own circular red packing cube,  that item BTW, unlike love, you cannot buy.
Red Oxx Jim's Gym Bag
Jim’s Gym Bag – for when you want to look fit.

Every relationship has some booty and some boss. Why not get both with a Red Oxx Booty Boss Waist Pack? Then you can be the boss of your booty, in front or on your behind.

“You ain’t nothing but a hound dog. Howling all the time” Hey we were talking about Shakespeare, not the King. But you can become king of your every day carry stuff with The Hound Sling Bag. Just the right size for those daily things you need to take with you everywhere. Like the Booty Boss, The Hound can be worn several ways. Slung over your shoulder, or wrapped around your waist, heck even around your neck. Wear it any way you like and howl about it.
Red Oxx The Hound EDC Bag
When you feel the pull of love.

Micro managing a relationship is a bad idea, but you can micro manage your tablet or other portable electronic communication devices with a sleek Micro Manager Tablet Bag, without any fear of feeling rigid, except of course, under the right circumstances (wink).

Speaking of communications. Compose your best romance novel or next love letter on your laptop and then shove it where the sun don’t shine –into your C.C. Rider Messenger Bag. Like that fine wine you and your honey are drinking, this bag took many years to make it right. And you thought a good bag just pops out in 9 months.

Sometimes romance can get messy. No problem, slip a Packtowl into your pocket or purse and you’ll be ready to wipe clean.
Romance on the Rocks with PackTowl.
Romance on the Rocks with PackTowl.

After a night of love, slip on a Mr. Mack’s Sleep Mask and pop in a pair of Mr. Mack’s Ear Plugs and never hear the dreaded snore, nor the closing of the front door.

Though “Love is a smoke made with the fume of sighs” you can rest easy knowing that though love can be fleeting, Red Oxx will still be there long after the bed sheets have cooled.

Red Oxx The Hounds hanging out Downtowns

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