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History and Inspiration of the Red Eye Collective Logo

History and Inspiration of the Red Eye Collective Logo

As you may have figured by now Red Oxx likes to market our gear a bit differently. When the time came to introduce new gear to the lineup a special name for these sleek new bags was in order.

Being that the company founder Jim Markel Senior served under two military branches during the Vietnam conflict, something historical was envisioned. And what a "vision" it was.

Taking cue from American history, CEO Jim Jr. would guide our graphic designer to create something fun from American legend. It wasn’t intended to be controversial. Sadly, some customers would misinterpret it. Instead, think a little "tongue-in-cheek" application.

Hail to Almighty God and His All-Seeing Eye of Providence

The design logo for the Red Eye Collective found inspiration from the legend of the Eye of Providence. While its origin as a symbol in both early Christianity and Egyptian cultures, it’s also a feature on our American dollar bill since 1935. This design was a selection by America’s Founding Fathers.

When Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, and John Adams gathered to design the young country’s symbolic seal, they chose an all-seeing eye. As devout Christians, they wanted the seal to have a symbol of divine providence. Indeed, the all-seeing eye shaped like a pyramid is an ancient symbol of divinity.

Locating the eye within a triangle indicates the Christian Trinity. The founders then positioned the eye above a pyramid, of which represents strength and duration. This pyramid has 13 steps which exemplify the original 13 Colonies. This symbol is the Great Seal of the United States.

An olive branch surrounds the Red Eye Collective "eye", representing peace. Victors during the early Olympic games in ancient Greece would get an olive branch as an award. It made it’s first appearance as a symbol of finance on Roman Imperial coins. In Christianity, the olive branch was brought by a dove to Noah, indicating the flood was over.

The golden light rays represent spiritual illumination. Spiritual illumination can be a revelation. Numerous crosses and other religious sculptures often include bursts of light.

The American Continental Congress originally drafted a document called the Olive Branch Petition to deliver to Great Britain in hopes of avoiding what became the Revolutionary War.

As American As Apple Pie

As a symbol of Christianity, it most certainly has nothing to do with anything evil; such as a New World Order, Communism, or other nefarious factors. These weren’t even in existence during the birth of our nation.

As far as assigning it to the Free Masons, they didn’t begin using the symbol until 1797. This was over a decade after it was adopted by the fledgling government. The only Mason among the designers was Ben Franklin, but his design did not succeed.

Making the Red Eye Collective iris red in color meant alignment with our company’s name – Red Oxx. Since our prototype designers worked late nights, the idea of a "red eye" came into the picture. Just to clarify, the Oxx was declared red because that was our company founder’s favorite color. Also, the blue ox of legend was taken.

Our Red Eye Collective symbol has no affiliation to any political organization whatsoever. As such, Red Oxx remains neutral in any political affiliation.

We’re here to build you great bags. While taking over the world is perhaps a worthwhile endeavor, doing it manufacturing bags probably wouldn’t get us far.

Considering our company founder fought against Communists during his military service, using this symbol to represent our new Special Edition bags actually makes the Red Eye Collective symbol highly patriotic!

Share in your patriotism and enthusiasm for the Red Eye Collective with your very own Red Eye Trucker Hat.

Red Oxx Red Eye Collective Special Edition Trucker Hat

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