Checked Bags

Bad things happen to checked luggage and we have fortified our gear to take all the airlines can hand out. If you do have to check, it is best to have the toughest bag you can send.   We have your back with our lifetime "no bull warranty"  in case they do their worst. 


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Safari-Beanos PR5.5 Large DuffelSafari-Beanos PR5.5 Large Duffel
Safari-Beanos PR5.5 Large Duffel Sale price$310.00 USD
Safari-Beanos PR6 XL DuffelSafari-Beanos PR6 XL Duffel
Safari-Beanos PR6 XL Duffel Sale price$320.00 USD
Sherpa Jr. Expedition SeriesSherpa Jr. Expedition Series
Sherpa Jr. Expedition Series Sale price$395.00 USD
Big Oxx Expedition SeriesBig Oxx Expedition Series
Big Oxx Expedition Series Sale price$405.00 USD
Medium Aviator Kit BagMedium Aviator Kit Bag
Medium Aviator Kit Bag Sale price$125.00 USD
Large Aviator Kit BagLarge Aviator Kit Bag
Large Aviator Kit Bag Sale price$135.00 USD