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Staff Picks – The Herd Selects Their Favorite Travel Bags and Accessories

Staff Picks – The Herd Selects Their Favorite Travel Bags and Accessories

Bags We Love and the Cool Luggage Accessories that go with them.

Grabbing the bull by the horns, the Ministry of Information for D.O.R.A., the Department of RedOxx Affairs, has requested the opinions of the Red Oxx herd. What bags are used everyday by our hard working crew? What cool travel accessories go with them into the field? What does the herd use these bags for? Why do they like these bags? And finally, why would they recommend them? These tough questions were asked of our entire staff and here are the "Staff Picks" results.

What is the Staff’s Favorite Travel Bag?

Most Popular Bag with the Gents : Roadster Mini Ruck Rucksack.

"Plenty of room for all my EDC (Every Day Carry)" ~ Stuart, 24. Runner.

"The look is BA in my opinion. We put our blood, sweat and believe me, sometimes tears into building them, that’s why they are so special." ~ Hunt Dawg, 22. Sewing Specialist.

"I like how the skirt prevents stuff from falling out if you happen to over-fill it. Anyone who needs a good amount of stuff for camping or hiking should own one. I use mine for bike rides, camping and longboarding. It’s so cool you can get one in a variety of colors." ~ Anthony, 18. Sewing Specialist.

Most Popular Bag with the Ladies : Safari Beanos Series Duffel Bags and Market Tote Reusable Grocery Bag (tie).

"The PR-5 is a good first bag. It’s compatible with all packing styles (rolling, folding, cramming). Much of my family used Red Oxx for years prior to my employment. Since I’ve become a team member, I’ve been delighted to tell existing customers their faith in our company is well founded. Not only are they supporting the Montana economy, but they are supporting a company that loves their employees. Each bag I make is made with love because Red Oxx loves me." ~ V., 27. Sewing Specialist.

"The PR-4 is perfect for a day out. It’s the size I can over pack and still carry with ease. I use my PR-4 for the gym, a day of off-roading. It carries my camera stuff, knitting supplies, pillow (in a crunch), and to put simply, to make me look good! I need sturdy rugged things, I break everything else!" ~ Grunie, 24. Sewing Specialist.

"I like that the Beanos come in a variety of sizes, therefore applicable to most travel styles. Plus they look ‘bad ass’. Overall amazing bags!!! The Beanos make great introductory bags, for those interested but not sure what to get. I recommend them to everyone who doesn’t have a Red Oxx bag… and everyone who does. 🙂 I just love Red Oxx." ~ Samantha, 22. Sewing Specialist.

"I use my Market Tote for many things; a trip to the beach, groceries, beer, best trick or treat bag ever! It’s also great for blankets, snacks at the drive-in." ~ Jenna, 39. Sewing Specialist.

"My husband uses our Market Tote in place of five gallon buckets to carry things like water. Yes, a bag full of water to put out campfires and, uh, other erroneous fires… It is much more comfortable to carry water over your shoulder than doing the bucket ‘granny walk’!" ~ V., 27. Cutter.

Most Popular Bag with Both Sexes : Sky Train Convertible Backpack Carry-on Bag.

"I made my own Sky Train, so that’s where the love begins for me! I love the size, not too big, not too small. It’s simplistic in it’s pocket arrangements and when utilized correctly it packs a mean yet delicate punch. The style and look is what gives it the “cool factor." ~ Hafer, 33. Customer Care.

"I love the different ways I can carry it. Everything fits with proper folding. Plus it fits my short frame. My son, who is 18, is always stealing it. Maybe because he likes that he can just shove his clothes in it. No folded clothes for him!” ~ Madam Lacy, 37. Bag Designer.

"I like you can hold it different ways. And you can pull a bull with the Claw Noslip Shoulder Strap. So, no matter how heavy your Sky Train is, it sticks on your shoulder." ~ King Eddie, 40. Sewing Specialist.

What’s the Staff’s Favorite Travel Accessory?

Most Popular Travel Accessory with the Gents : Travel Tray Valet.

"It holds a lot of stuff in one spot camping or at home so I know where it is at all times." ~ Puddin, 21. Cutter Assistant.

Most Popular Travel Accessory with the Ladies :

Again, the Travel Tray took top honor with runner up Lil Roy Gadget Bag.

"The Travel Tray can be thrown right in my bag and be used anywhere for important organizing." ~ Nancy, 55. Sewing Specialist.

"The Travel Tray is especially handy for quarters on Poker Night." ~ Deana, 50+. Sewing Specialist.

"The Lil Roy is big enough, yet small enough, for just about everything: book bag, bathroom bag, toy bag, games, etc…. it fits perfect for Jeep trips, weekend trips, any trip…" ~ Samantha, 22. Sewing Specialist.

Most Popular Travel Accessory with Both Sexes :

This honor went the the venerable Tri-fold Toiletry Shave Kit.

"It is great to use for traveling. You can stuff it full of your toiletries and it is still compact enough to fit in your luggage." ~ Laurel, 25. Sewing Specialist.

"I’m a woman, I never met an accessory I didn’t like." ~ Rev, 49. Quality Control Specialist.

* In disbelief, the Minister tried this. While not exactly a bucket, the Market Tote did hold water long enough to carry it from the creek to the fire, about 25 feet. I think though, that if you carried it over your shoulder with water in it, you would get kinda wet as the bag does leak anywhere there’s a stitched seam, which is along the entire side, on all sides.

And what was the favorite bag for the citron crested cockatoo hiding out in a side pocket? An Air Boss Carry-on Bag.

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