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Are Soft Bags Ideal as Off-road 4-wheeling Luggage?

Are Soft Bags Ideal as Off-road 4-wheeling Luggage?

The Oxx Rolled Offroad in Style During Land Rover 1st Descent.

Red Oxx teamed up with off-road overland adventure enthusiasts for a 500+ mile journey from Montrose to Gateway, Colorado. The trip was part of 1st Descents project created to test the limits of three Land Rover LR3s over some of North America's most challenging terrain and visit some historic sites along the way. Jim Markel of Red Oxx and the crew built up their Rovers and traversed creeks, mapped out trails and did their best to get the new Land Rover LR3 stuck in the mud or high centered on a log.

Along the way, LRL tested their special order of Red Oxx Corporate Promotional Gear Bags including several Small Aviator Kit Bags, a couple PR-5s, a few C-rucks and some Sherpa Jrs, all built to a custom color scheme. These sturdy and stylish bags are sure to have done the job right!

Markel points out one great reason to 4 wheel with no-wheel luggage: imagine dragging a wheeled bag through muck and mud!


Presented by Gustaf Kupetz:

We maxed out a few prized Land Rover's LR3s by pushing them right to the limit during this epic journey. There was challenging terrain and historic locations with temps in the range of Speedo hot to polar bear cold - all in the name of adventure and a good time! Blood and sweat awaited those who made it, and green tears for those who did not.


This was the first ever reunion of the Camel Trophy veterans', vehicles and participants alike. Aspen, Colorado was the venue. A Friday night gathering at Land Rover Roaring Fork was open to the public. Picturesque trails in an around Aspen were the playground for the Camel Trophy vehicles and 1st Descents vehicles.


This Expedition-style 500+ mile trip from Montrose to Gateway, Colorado, tracked great sections of the Kokopelli and Tabaguache (Tabawatch) Trails. There was a little rugged back country mapping and end at the Gateway Canyons Resort. They traversed challenging trails, forded water crossings and spent the nights camping out under the starry sky.

They packed in everything—including fuel. Preparation for total self-preservation was a must! Next year, plan on setting aside one week of your life for this adventure, while taking the rest of it to ponder the memory. Speaking of packing, here's Jim's list of camping overland equipment bags and supplies:

So, are soft sided bags ideal as off-road 4-wheeling luggage or as this group might call it "Overland Equipment Bags"? Learn the answer about this teaming up of the world's best off-road vehicles with the worlds best soft-sided travel bags!

Visiting Hole in the Rock


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