Rucksack Survives Trek to Everest Base Camp

Rucksack Survives Trek to Everest Base Camp

100 Miles on Foot and a Mini Ruck is all you Need to get There!

Here's an adventure journal experience lasting 40 days through three countries. George Baboi trekked on foot for 100 miles up to Mt. Everest Base Camp carrying only his Red Oxx Roadster Mini Ruck Rucksack. Along the way he met many admiring climbers and mountaineers who asked about his Rucksack. As for ourselves, we're impressed with the several awe-inspiring photographs his daughter took during their travels. Check them out below.


Hi Jim,

While planning for my 40-day adventure with my daughter, I needed to find the perfect day pack that would work for the different places I was soon to travel. Ultimately, the pack I chose needed to accommodate me for a 10-day trek in Nepal's Himalaya region to Mt. Everest Base Camp.

Trekking through India. 

Trekking through India

I researched and did comparisons with other day packs in the market, and the Red Oxx Mini Rucksack came out on top with excellence. What worked so well with my Red Oxx Mini, was that it was a perfect match for my high expectation on quality and functionality as well as the three countries 40 day adventure I was planning to embark on.

Long way to go. 

Long way to go

In Thailand, while visiting Phi Phi Island, the Roadster Rucksack held my towel, sunscreen, glasses, cameras, change of cloths and water bottle with space to spare. While in India, the Rucksack, equipped with a waterproof dry compartment helped keep my things dry when we were hit by a sudden onslaught of rain on the Kerala coastline.

(Note: Red Oxx materials are not technically "waterproof," rather our CORDURA nylon could be considered weather resistant. Waterproofing requires sealed seams, which is a whole different beast. Light rain? Sure, they're resistant. A dunking or downpour? Quite likely not. Red Oxx does recommend Scotchgard Water Shield to make your gear more "water resistant". ~ Jim, Red Oxx CEO).

Why the Dharma exists. 

Why the Dharma exists

However, what gives me the greatest satisfaction with the Red Oxx Mini, was how useful it was on my 10-day trek in to Himalaya. With two compartments on both sides of the pack, I was able to store all the essentials for a trek to the base of the world's tallest mountain. The Rucksack proved comfortable with padded adjustable straps, while tracking over 100 miles from an altitude of 2694 m (8,189 ft) to 5100 m (15,505 ft) to Base Camp of Mt. Everest.

Peaks rising higher and higher. 
Peaks rising higher and higher


The Red Oxx Mini Ruck Rucksack also gained admiring mountaineers and trekkers from all over the globe who were asking where they too, could get a Rucksack like mine. Not only is the Red Oxx Mini aesthetically pleasing but it's durable and has the capacity to fit all necessities for any needed adventure.

The vastness of the Mountain The vastness of the Mountain


From the sun-socked beaches of Thailand's adoring coast, to India's fertile wet lands, and ultimately up the Himalaya's peaks, the Red Oxx Mini provided to be suitable and perfect companion in all climates and terrain.

Roadster on the beach in India. 

Roadster on the beach in India

Thanks Red Oxx for outfitting me with a travel pack that I will definitely bring on my next adventure trip just 30 days after this one.

Best Regards,
George Baboi

Hi George,
It's great to hear you used our Mini Ruck to travel to the Everest Base Camp. That said, we'd like to point out that while our Rucksacks are certainly suitable for trekking and hiking around the globe, we don't consider them to be hardcore "mountaineering" packs. Looking forward to your next Adventure Journal. Thanks for the awe inspiring photographs.

George wrote us back to say:

"Thanks so much! I like Jim's polite comment ... that the Mini Ruck is not considered a hardcore "mountaineering" pack... . However, I tell you if not, it sure is a "hardcore" day pack... (Except that, MY day pack is like, 10 days at a time)! Very good and an excellent product."

Cool! We just like to make the distinction. Hardcore indeed! ~Jim

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