Aviator Kit Bags

Red Oxx Aviator Kit Bags Offer Sports Gear Storage Solutions

Red Oxx Aviator Kit Bags Offer Sports Gear Storage Solutions

Whether your student heads back to school this fall or stays home for home schooling you’re still going to need to solve their sports gear storage problem.

Red Oxx Aviator Kit Bags to the Rescue!

Sports gear can get dirty fast. Sweat, dust, dirt, oils, grass stains, and grime from the games of last year all contribute to "sports gear fatigue". Beat the fatigue and keep your sports gear clean and organized.

Then pack it neatly into any one of four sizes of Red Oxx Aviator Bags to resolve your sports gear storage issues.

Label Your Gear Storage Bag with a Dog Tag

Label your Aviator Bags with our personalized custom embossed Dog Tags. With five lines of text and 45 letters and characters available you’re sure to "cover the bases" of your sports gear (pun intended).

Example – title a dog tag: FOOTBALL, perhaps even list some of the gear in the bag such as: HELMET, SHOES, PANTS, JERSEY, GLOVES, JOCKEY … remember you have five lines of text with each line about 15-16 characters for your storage solutions Dog Tag. So you could also include a date the bag was packed and stored, or a contact name and phone number.

Red Oxx Dog Tag Storage Sample
Each Dog Tag comes with a 4.5" long metal beaded chain to attach to the appropriate storage bag. If that doesn’t seem secure enough for you, check out our more secure Cable Lock Braided Wire Fastener option to attach the custom Dog Tag to your Aviator Storage Bag.

Red Oxx Extra Small Aviator Kit Bag

SPECS: 15"L x 8"W x 11"H
XS Aviator Kit Bag measurements simplified
The Red Oxx Extra Small XS Aviator Kit Bag is a best seller. And for good reason; it has all the sturdy features of our high-end luggage line, without the dazzle and bling. So simplicity rules here. A simple single compartment bag built using our standard black 1000 Denier Weight CORDURA® Brand Nylon Fabric. No pockets or extras. One rock solid YKK #10 Vislon Zipper extends down both sides of the bag for easy access. The handles are made from un-tearable 1.5-inch wide webbing that wraps all the way around the bag. It’s double-box stitched at each stress point.

The revised XS Aviator was resized a couple years ago and given dual stainless steel nickle-plated D-rings on each end. No if you want to add a carry strap, you can. The Extra Small Aviator would be ideal for storing a helmet, or ski/snowboard boots, or a handful of softballs, or team hockey gloves or baseball mitts, etc.

Red Oxx Small Aviator Kit Bag

SPECS: 19"L x 9"W x 13"H
SM Aviator Kit Bag measurements simplified
For years, the Small Aviator Kit Bag has been a welcome introduction to the brand carry-on bag for new Red Oxx customers. But it’s also a great sports gear bag. At 19-inches in length, it’s capable of storing two basketballs, or two volleyballs, or three footballs. The Small Kit Bag could be your go-to "sports ball bag". Or compile a complete set of uniform gear from your favorite ball sport: basketball, football, soccer, baseball and softball. These sports uniforms and shoes all can fit when you neatly pack them in a Small Aviator.

Red Oxx Medium Aviator Kit Bag

SPECS: 23"L x 12"W x 15"H
Medium Aviator Kit Bag measurements simplified
The Medium Aviator Kit Bag is a good size for your winter sports gear. Snowboarding and skiing clothing, helmets, goggles, and boots all fit nicely in the Medium Aviator Bag. Or you can store your summer camping gear like sleeping bags, pillows, or blankets. Reserve the Large Aviator Kit Bag for tents, cots and the like.

Pack an entire teams uniforms in either Medium or Large Aviator Kit Bag. Then they’re ready to come out of the closet and back into action on the field.

Red Oxx Large Aviator Kit Bag

SPECS: 26″L x 14″W x 17″H.
Large Aviator Kit Bag measurements
This is your "Team Gear Bag" transportation and storage solution. If you’re a coach for a little tykes team, these larger single compartment gear bags offer a one-hand carry method to organizing and storing your team sports gear. At over two feet in length, this bag is one of our largest bag offerings. Some sports gear such as tennis rackets, little league baseball bats (and bases), and so forth can also be stored in this large bag.

If it gets too heavy to carry with one-hand, attach one of our superior luggage straps to the bag for shoulder carry.

Handy Aviator Specifications Comparison Chart
Aviator Kit Bags measurements ALL UP
Micro-Organization Within Each Bag

IF you’re worried that having a bunch of gear jammed into a large bag might end up a bit "disorganized" consider our packing cubes. Available in a large variety of sizes. The Kingfisher Large Packing Cube measures 14"L x 11"W x 2"D. Or try the micro size Hedgehog Extra Small Packing Cube which measures 8"L x 5"W x 2"D.

You’re sure to find a packing cube you can stuff with smaller sports items like whistles, safety glasses, gloves, jock straps, and so forth. Can’t decide on which cubes to use? Order the Packing Cube Set and have all five sizes at hand.

Packing Cubes in Aviator

Another useful sports gear accessory are our Luggage Compression Straps Twin Pack. These handy straps can be incorporated to "bundle" a loose grouping of sports gear inside your Aviator. Or use the compression straps and wrap them around the exterior of your Sports Gear Bag, then cinch down tight. They’re fully adjustable, extending to 72-inches. Built in-house at our Billings, Montana Factory using our typical strong-as-an-ox materials.

Perhaps the best feature of all the Aviator line of Gear Storage Bags is… you can simply fold them nearly completely flat for storage themselves in a chest of drawers, under the bed, or tucked on a closet shelf. Red Oxx Aviators – simple storage solutions for your sports gear.

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