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Packing Tips for Air Travel – Red Oxx Packing Cubes Ideal for Business Trips

Packing Tips for Air Travel – Red Oxx Packing Cubes Ideal for Business Trips

Brad Bauer has it all figured out. A one-bag traveler for several years now, Brad recently discovered our nesting packing cubes. Converted from bundle packing to packing cubes, Brad sent us his best tips to share with the herd.

I just read your article, Packing for Air Travel: One Bag Part 2. I wanted to pass along a couple of packing tips I’ve found helpful to reduce carry-on liquids.


First, try shaving oil instead of shaving foam or gel. A 1.2 ounce bottle should last you almost nine months. There are several brands available, but Somersets is my favorite.

For deodorant/antiperspirant, try Crystal Body Deodorant Stick. It is a solid, wet-to-activate Alum stick. Again, this thing will last almost a year if you allow it to dry after use.


I have been a committed one-bag, carry-on only traveler for several years and recently converted to the Red Oxx Packing Cubes. I travel for business and pleasure and found the bundle method very inconvenient if you aren’t going on a single destination trip. I have stayed in four hotels over five days and unbundling/rebundling every day to access fresh garments was a real pain.

Packing cubes with the Red Oxx Extra Small Aviator is my setup of choice for business pleasure trips of five days or less. I pack this bag up with four dress shirts, four t-shirts, a couple of polos, a pair of dress pants, four pair of sock, four pair of boxer briefs and my dope kit for a five-day business trip and had room to spare.

    I "mapped out" the packing cubes like a game of Tetris before ordering them. I have one Kingfisher, three Bushbabies, and one Hedgehog. These fit with my TSA zip to bag with room to spare. Using the packing cubes, I can stay organized along my journey.

I also have a Red Oxx Small Aviator for seven-day plus trips and just do laundry once a week. When using this bag, I can add in three Armadilla packing cubes along with a Meerkat. Another Tetris game and I am good to go. I like the unencumbered open interior of the Aviators and use the packing cubes to organize and keep me from over-stuffing.


  1.     If they are dress shirts, have them laundered with medium starch and you won’t need to iron at your destination.
  2.     I pack the folding board in one of my Bushbaby’s in my bag for refolding clothes for the trip home.

Keep up the great work and thanks for the great products. And thank you for your service to our country!
Brad Bauer

Thanks for the great tips Brad. For submitting his tips, Brad gets to enjoy a Market Tote. You too, can get a free Market Tote (or Rigger Wallet). Send us your Adventure Journal today! Cheers, Jim Markel, CEO

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