Bag Addict Spots Bigfoot with Briefcase

Bag Addict Spots Bigfoot with Briefcase

Traveling's Got To Be Done, Why Not Smile About It?

Business guru Ken Blanchard wrote a book in the '90's called Raving Fans. The title describes how your customers ought view themselves concerning your company. Easier said than done, eh? But this month we decided Red Oxx has at least one named Cam. There's not a lot of hand-waving and consultant jargon necessary to explain how we got our Raving Fan. Started with making excellent carry-on luggage, and in pink no less...if you dare us...

Dear Red Oxx,
I spent a few days in Humboldt County, California trying to prove three things:

1. At the Western-most point in California, Red Oxx's Mariner bags are a lot bluer than the sky and the Pacific ocean all at the same time.

2. The C-Ruck will carry everything you need from the bank to the fish trap and back when sampling salmon populations on the Mattole River.

3. Bigfoot IS real and he carries a Red Oxx briefcase full of authentic Bigfoot video footage! (This one almost cost me my life).

I hope ya'll enjoy the pictures and I will keep sending some.

I'm always making the average trip into a great adventure. You learn to do that with a 3 year old. I travel a lot for work, a lot more for hunting, and more than that with my wife and two children. We work and live in the outdoors.

 C-Ruck handles the California coast.


Kids are the most curious creatures on the planet. If you don't make every day an adventure (like sleeping inside the Big Oxx Bag), then you miss out on the joys life has to offer. My attitude about traveling is it's got to be done, why not smile about it?

I also look at travel as the ultimate gear test. I'm constantly looking at my bags to see the scratches / marks which are the sign of battle.

My newest Red Oxx bag was bought only because of pride. I dared Jim to make a Pink bag, he did, and I came through on the money. I now own the world's first Flamingo Safari Bag. I can get away with carrying as a man ONLY because I'm 6'9 and 335. :) Whatever attention I don't get with my size, I certainly get with my Flamingo Safari Bag.

The Humboldt Trip was a road trip in my personal truck to visit another native Mississippian who lives in Petrolia, the lost coast of California. We visited Tom and Cade regularly to hunt, sample salmon, and fool around in the national forests and Indian reservations of Northern California.

The Sun Chaser is truly bluer than the Pacific Ocean, says Cam. 

The Sun Chaser is truly bluer than the Pacific Ocean, says Cam.

My bags take me on weekend trips to Yosemite, Half Dome hikes, Tahoe, Kings Canyon National Forest, boat rides on the Mississippi River, deer, duck and turkey hunts, 30 minute jaunts to the grocery store, bug safaris in the back yard with my Son, to the hospital as a camera bag (Gator) for the birth of my baby girl, to the shooting range, over the river and through the woods to Grandmothers' house we go. I go somewhere by plane once a week, and drive somewhere most weekends so you give me a topic and I'll tell you when I used my Red Oxx bag.

We are now living in Mississippi where we are originally from and spend many weekends at SEC football games, state parks, and at the hunting club messing around outside. You can see there's not many days I don't need a bag or two, or three....

Yes, I admit, I'm a bag addict.

The bottom line is that Red Oxx bags are the most utilitarian of any I've used. Tough and rugged, yet refined for business with a flair.

Red Oxx has the friendliest people I've done business with. They have helped me with my personal and corporate bag orders. I sincerely appreciate being considered for this Adventure Journal. Thanks and you know I love the bags.


Olive Branch, Mississippi

Cam, you're a loyal customer and your purchases go back a few years, so we asked for your entire collection of Red Oxx gear. And you replied:


Truly impressive. Keep on collecting, we got more bags to come! Cheers, Jim Markel CEO

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