Chica's Chillin' with Kaimanawa Horses in New Zealand

Chica's Chillin' with Kaimanawa Horses in New Zealand

Beano Has Been Fantastic!

How does a Red Oxx bag fair in "horse country?" Pretty good we hear. Robin shows us her bag with her Equine friends. Let's learn about these friends of hers.

Here's my Safari Beano's in horse country, New Zealand. I was there to get training in Natural Horsemanship.

The horse on the left is the Kaimanawa stallion, Zorro. next to him is his mare, a New Zealand thoroughbred named Ice, carrying Zorro's first foal. On the ATV is Bella.

Kaimanawa horses are a wild breed descended from Dartmoor and Exmoor ponies let loose in the Kaimanawa region, with the odd Arabian and Thoroughbred added in over the years. They are great horses, just beginning to be developed as a distinct breed-- the vast majority of them still roam wild in the Kaimanawa reserve. Kaimanawa means "eat the wind," and anyone who's been to New Zealand knows just how apt that name is likely to be.

Needless to say, my Beano has been fantastic!

Thanks for making such wonderful luggage. Class of its own, like the Kaimanawa

Thanks again. Love my bags! They are hands down the absolute best luggage I have ever used. I have yet to see a fellow traveler with one (besides the friends of mine who have supplied themselves on my recommendation) but I bet I will feel inclined to greet someone simply because they too have a Red Oxx!

This time it was Beanos PR5 and Chica, and I will probably use the same for Mongolia this summer.
Cheers! Robin

Fantastic! Robin the Horsewhisper can talk to animals. Be sure to tell the horses that your Red Oxx Bags rock! ~ Cheers, Jim Markel CEO

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