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How to Easily Create a Healthy Camp Kitchen Meal – Video 2

How to Easily Create a Healthy Camp Kitchen Meal – Video 2



One of my favorite aspects of traveling in a good overlanding rig is I prefer to cook using cast-iron pans. The obvious benefit is true iron cookware needs only minimal cleanup. A well “seasoned” iron frying pan is superior to most other types of pans in that it will hold its heat longer, thus preserving precious fuel; it’s relatively sticky-free, if properly seasoned; you can use sturdy metal cooking utensils without worry of scratching the pan; cast iron tends to cook food more evenly; and I feel it imparts a more natural flavor to my recipes. By flipping one over and using one pan like a lid, they also make an excellent impromptu oven, for foods like baked potatoes.

So when it comes time to compile my camp kitchen, I reach for three large cast iron fry-pans. I like that I can stack them together and shove them in the bottom of an overland drawer system, or stash them in my Big Bull Roll-up, a bag that, in this case, is my chuckbox replacement.


Try this dish on your taste-buds.

Cabbage, potatoes, onions, and garlic all travel surprisingly well with minimal cooling effort. They also provide enough variety in textures and flavors to make a delicious base for your dinner.

Eating well on the trail is half the fun of romping around and finding the roads less traveled. A critical part of making that possible are the tools that make up your camp kitchen.



Interested in that hanging pantry I’ve got behind me? That’s our Big Bull Roll-up. In the first part of this series, I demonstrated how to use a Big Bull Roll-up — how to pack it, how to organize it, and why it’s better than a chuck box.

Perhaps you’re already familiar with the Big Bull Roll-up, and its talent for serving as a trail pantry? You can maximize your space by organizing it with a packing list, like this free downloadable one:

Next stop, camp coffee time!

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