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How to Set Up Your Overland Camp Kitchen – Video 1

How to Set Up Your Overland Camp Kitchen – Video 1


Especially when you’re hungry from a long drive on an overland adventure?

“Each time I pack, unpack, and re-pack, I usually figure out a way to make my load lighter, and make it more efficient.”

“Like the belongings I pack into my bags that I carry when I escape on an adventure, a camp kitchen is an ever-evolving bit of kit. Granted, bringing along a chuck box is a tried-and-true solution to contain all the necessary parts of your overland camp kitchen.”


“I love cooking on the trail. Over the years I’ve devised a system that makes sure I always have the basics with me, and I can always find exactly what I need.”

For some adventurers, a chuck box is a preferred system – it can hold your camp stove, pots and pans, and propane. Red Oxx came up with a better system. Imagine a system that allows me to store everything I need in a standard duffel size bag. Now imagine taking that bag, and unrolling it to reveal my cooking accessories at my finger tips.”

“That bag is the Big Bull Roll-up. Built tough using heavy-duty ballistic nylon padded exterior, a proven fabric that our Railroaders have sworn by for years. Inside, it features several spacious see-through raised zippered pockets of varying sizes for organizing all my camp kitchen supplies.”


“The Big Bull unrolls and hangs up for quick and easy access to everything I need to play “camp chef”.

“In the first video of this series, I’ll teach you Jim’s Camp Cooking Gastronome, a unique and cool method to packing so that you can get your utensils and those ever-important ingredients you need easily organized, yet compact enough to load for the road. Later, I’ll share one of my favorite trail recipes in the next video. Presenting my Camp Cooking Gastronome…

“Some of my overlanding friends prefer to use drawers in the back of their rigs to store things like pots, or parts of their camp stove. My solution, the Big Bull Roll-up works like a hanging pantry. It sets up in seconds no matter where I camp. The Big Bull features raised see-through mesh zippered pockets in three handy sizes to store spices, utensils, cleanup supplies, and more, all neatly organized. The see-through mesh allows me to see exactly which pocket a spoon, or a spatula, or a peppery spice is located. I can quickly grab it without rummaging to the bottom of a bin or digging into the far back corner of a drawer.”

“My favorite part of cooking when I’m overlanding is I can bring the good stuff with me in the rig. Cast iron skillets, whatever ingredients I’m in the mood for, and enough spices and sauces to make a seriously tasty meal, all neatly organized in my Big Bull Roll-up.”


When I’ve got the proper tools right where I can get at them, cooking on a lil’ol gas burner in the middle of nowhere is the bomb.

Red Oxx Goes Overlanding

“Cleanup gets easier, too. I’ve found that I can put my spices in a packing cube like our Hedge Hog, and toss it back in its designated pocket. Pull out the cleaning supplies which fit nicely in an Armadilla to clean the dishes, then put them back in their pockets. Speaking of cleaning up, you’ll get to see how I cleanup with no waste in a later video after we’re done cooking.”

“My knives, spatulas, tin foil, and other cooking tools I pack into the Meerkat Long Packing Cube. My essential coffee supplies, my Jetboil Coffee Press and extra fuel also fit into one of these.”

“I designated a pocket of the Big Bull Roll-up for plates, which can also fit into our larger King Fisher packing cube, along with some other dishes. Other miscellaneous items like duck tape and extra plastic bags for food storage can fit in one of the smaller mesh pockets of the Big Bull.”

“You see? Your overland camp kitchen using the Big Bull Roll-up just got improved.

Hungry? Next up in this series on Overland Camp Cooking is Jim’s One Pan Camping Meal Recipe.

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Jim Markel, CEO

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