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How to Create Quick Camp Kitchen Coffee - Video 3

How to Create Quick Camp Kitchen Coffee - Video 3


Let’s say you enjoy good camp coffee, either as an quick pick-me-up or perhaps with your dinner… Enter the Jetboil gas-fueled portable camp stove.

This “Jetboil Flash Cooking System” gets water boiling fast. The French press attachment gives you speedy fresh coffee and makes it a worthwhile addition for your overland camp kitchen.

Cowboy coffee, slowly boiled over campfire with a handful of coffee grounds tossed in a metal coffee pot, is the classic standard. I confess however, that this Jetboil French Press will become the new gold standard. Like most overland adventurers, you carry the usual propane stove, so this modern system means making your coffee on the trail just got a whole lot quicker and easier.

If you’re a coffee hound like me, I’m betting your camp coffee standard is likely pretty high, the added bonus of a Jetboil Flash Cooking System is you don’t have to give up a burner on your camp stove to get your caffeine buzz.

Dinner’s done, now it’s time to sit back and enjoy your fresh French Press Coffee, socialize around the campfire with some great overlanders keeping you company and other than the dreaded cleanup, there’s nothing left but chill out and enjoy the spectacular view.

Whether it’s first thing in the morning, or a warm nightcap, making good camp coffee is a priority on the list of things I love about Overlanding.

Over my 10 years of overlanding, I’ve learned that keeping camp coffee supplies, and other small kitchen utensils handy is a lot easier when you pack them into our Big Bull Roll-up. I tend to use mine as a trail pantry. I’ve found that the ability unroll the bag and hang up the Big Bull Roll-up on the outside of my rig by my kitchen zone makes my job as camp chef a snap.

Next up is part 4 of our Overland Camp Cooking Series when I talk about making the dreaded cleanup operation easy-peasy.

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Jim Markel, CEO

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