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Despite Pandemic – Red Oxx Gear Unites Family

Despite Pandemic – Red Oxx Gear Unites Family

Garrison B. is a fan of our proprietary Safari Colors – the two-tone khaki and "de-lustered" olive CORDURA® Brand Nylon Fabric that is specially dyed exclusively for Red Oxx. All of his extensive collection of travel bags are in this unique color offering. Garrison relates his tale of travel when he toured Georgia and Utah while meeting up with some long lost family. Garrison wins our Third Place Prize of a Red Oxx The Hound EDC Bag uh, not in Safari Colors, in Black actually, for his Summer Adventure Journal entry.

Red Oxx Safari Colors Adventure on an American Safari

In the summer of 2020, I traveled with my wife from Atlanta, GA to Salt Lake City, UT. I used Safari Color Red Oxx bags for carry-on and daily vacation needs in the Salt Lake area.

Below is an image of my pre-packing layout plan that included four Nomad Toiletry Kits for organizing, a Booty Boss Waist Pack, and an empty Market Tote for daily travels.

The Garrison Travel Organizers in Safari Colors.
The Garrison Travel Organizers in Safari Colors.

I fit all of my travel items into a brand new Flying Boxcar Sports Duffel and a classic CPA Laptop Breifcase that has served me well through the years.

Garrison’s Flying Boxcar and CPA Briefcase in Safari Colors.
Garrison’s Flying Boxcar and CPA Briefcase in Safari Colors.

Not The Great Salt Lake, Silver Lake

We had a few day trips outside Salt Lake. Below is a photo of Silver Lake that had an easy-to-walk path around it. My wife and I were excited about this location, which was not just gorgeous but also a different kind of gorgeous from where we live in the east.

Silver Lake – Our "Walkaround" Lake.
Silver Lake – Our "Walkaround" Lake.

Here is the entrance to the area with the lake that is pictured above.

Silver Lake Recreation Area.
Silver Lake Recreation Area.

Going to Market to Haul Some Booty

I carried these useful bags each day when we left for our day travels. The Booty Boss Waist Pack was great for small essentials, and I lashed the empty Market Tote to my hip with the belt portion of the Booty Boss. We were never facing deep wilderness types of excursions, so I wanted to be ready for shopping at any time with the empty Market Tote.

Below I am out walking with the Booty Boss on my left hip and the Market Tote on my right hip. This arrangement was never uncomfortable.

Garrison with his Booty Boss and Market Tote – Ready to Shop… Over There.
Garrison with his Booty Boss and Market Tote – Ready to Shop… Over There.

Our vacation in the summer of 2020 was set against the backdrop of the global disruption due to the pandemic. Still, we had a great time and a great trip – especially because we saw so many family members.

List of the Red Oxx Travel Gear that I packed and used:

  • Four Nomads
  • One Market Tote
  • One Booty Boss
  • One Flying Boxcar

All of my Red Oxx gear performed perfectly in the summer of 2020, which was no surprise. The very tightly packed Flying Boxcar fit easily in the overhead compartment of the 757. The end handles helped a lot with placing the Flying Boxcar in, and removing it from, the overhead.

Expanding My Red Oxx Gear Collection

Since this trip, I have added a C-Ruck Rucksack, a M.U.T.T., some Bushbaby Packing Cubes, a Hedgehog Extra Small Packing Cube for EDC organization for some small items (such as chargers), and some Lil Roy EDC Bags to my collection of Red Oxx Gear.

I carry Red Oxx bags every day of the week in my daily travels, including to church.

These bags stand up to any demand that I place on them. My Red Oxx bags are stress reducers for me when I am near to, or far from, my home because I am able to organize them according to my personal needs.

Thank you very much Red Oxx for your commitment to providing excellent travel gear that reflect high standards and constant attention to detail.


~ Garrison

Wow, that’s quite the collection of Red Oxx Gear Garrison, especially seeing them all (minus the cubes) in Safari Colors. Wishing you many safe travels Garrison. Hopefully your new Black The Hound EDC Bag Contest Prize won’t feel too much like the black sheep in your travel gear family!
~Cheers, Jim Markel, CEO

P.S. We heard back from Garrison after he got his hound. See his reply and picture below.

Garrison Gets His Hound and He Ain’t Crying No More

Thank you very much for The Hound. I used it all day yesterday. I love the fast access through the zippered top. My Hound "easily" handles a huge battery, ear plugs, a pen, two charging wires and a block, my phone, glasses in a huge case, and car keys.

Thank you all again for the adventure essay contest, for giving me this Hound, for great products, and for answering my questions and providing swatches.

Have a good day.

~Garrison B.

Garrison Poses with The Hound and all the EDC stuff he carries in it.
Garrison Poses with The Hound and all the EDC stuff he carries in it.

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