Big Oxx Helps Deliver for The Mighty River Project in Uganda

Big Oxx Helps Deliver for The Mighty River Project in Uganda


We were impressed by the humane work being done by The Mighty River Project in Uganda. The project is an non-profit humanitarian initiative in Uganda that provides local jobs for vulnerable women, offers an on-site childcare program, and promotes orphan care. Jamie Dean wrote to us about his Sky Train and suggested that a similar tough Red Oxx bag would be the right bag for a particular job he had in mind. Here's Jamie to fill you in on the details of this great humanitarian project.

Dear Jim,
Almost two years ago, I called Red Oxx with questions about your products. I was pleasantly surprised when you answered the phone and we had a great 30 minute conversation about your bags, business, and philanthropy. After our call, I was inspired to purchase a Sky Train, which has been my faithful companion through many journeys, including two trips to Ethiopia to pick up two children my wife and I adopted.

Making beautiful baskets.

I love my Sky Train and have sung its praises far and wide, but I'm actually writing to appeal to your sense of philanthropy.




A few years back, some friends of mine started The Mighty River Project (TMRP). Primarily, TMRP employs several local women to make traditional Ugandan baskets and jewelry, then sells those items in the U.S. to both help the women and to support their charitable causes in Uganda.

For example, TMRP has recently used its proceeds to repair a bicycle that one of its ladies, who is disabled, relies upon for transportation. TMRP has partnered with other local organizations to provide everything from pigs to schooling costs, to medical care, for Ugandans in need.

Helping women in need.


Where does Red Oxx fit in? Well, the primary way TMRP gets products from Uganda to the U.S. is by having its local employee collect the same in duffel bags, then sending those duffels with people who are flying to the U.S. I know you've been to Africa, so you can imagine the abuse the aforementioned duffels sustain. I also know you know the build quality of most typical duffels, so you can probably guess the results of the aforementioned abuse. TMRP needs bags that can handle heavy loads; riding on the backs of jittery Ugandan motorcycle taxis, and sustaining brutal international air travel without breaking. In other words, they need tough Red Oxx bags.

Making baskets.


Thanks for your products and your consideration,
Jamie Dean

P.S. TMRP already has a few Red Oxx products in service, including a Chica that makes the rounds to all the events where TMRP's products are sold and a Rigger Wallet that has made a trip to Uganda. Both have performed heartily to the task.

Jamie, Red Oxx is glad to help. For this project we chose you as the winner of our annual once-a-year best Red Oxx Adventure Journal submission. Your worthy prize is a tough Big Oxx Expedition Bag to help haul TMRPs goods to and fro. BTW, we were even more impressed when we learned that you're Africa. Talk about guts!

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