Nordic City Hopping with the Sky Train

Nordic City Hopping with the Sky Train

A Surprise New Working Use For A Recreational Sky Train Bag?

Christopher Papastefanou snapped some lovely images during his work travels between Denmark and Sweden. He also discovered that the Sky Train is an even more versatile bag than even we figured. Something more than just a leisure travel bag. Check out his Adventure Journal where he describes living and working using his beloved Sky Train Carry-on Bag on the European continent.

I've spent the last six months traveling bi-weekly in my job from Göteborg in western Sweden, where I live, to Copenhagen and Stockholm, capital cities of Denmark and Sweden respectively. Usually one to two-day trips, either by air, rail or car.

My weapon of choice for striking a balance between formal appearance and comfortable travel, is a Khaki Red Oxx Sky Train.

Slussen Central Stockholm
Slussen Central Stockholm.

Carried as a briefcase, the Sky Train is business style and oriented enough to bring into a conference room and yet it's spacious and converts into a backpack. The latter is almost a necessity, considering all the walking I do in the city, on the subway and in the airport.

Stockholm Christmas Market.

The Sky Train gives me up to two nights stay, while still bringing laptop and accessories as well as workout wear. Plus the hefty supply of protein bars, I need to evade the calorie bonanzas of on-the-road food offerings. And as a frequent flyer, the absence of luggage check-in makes life considerably easier.

Oresund Bridge between Sweden and Denmark
Oresund Bridge between Sweden and Denmark.

Since plain black color usually is a recipe for having your luggage lost or mixed up, I went with khaki, which stands out enough, while still being sufficiently formal to go with a suit.

In my Sky Train I pack my Red Oxx Market Tote, also in khaki. Besides from looking nice next to it's big brother, it's perfect for lugging any extra bulk, usually as a result of metropolitan shopping.

Thanks for the beautiful images Christopher. For publishing his Adventure Journal, Christopher get's his choice of a Red Oxx Market Tote or Rigger Wallet. What's your story?

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