Editor of African Hunter Magazine Heaps High Praise

Editor of African Hunter Magazine Heaps High Praise

Carrying Adventure to New Heights by Anthony Williams

Anthony "Ant" Williams is the Editor for African Hunter and African Fisherman magazines, both are the premier sportsman's magazines in the outdoor safari field. Ant doesn't throw his opinions around lightly. Each and every piece of his safari gear has to be top notch. In many ways, out in the bush the quality of your equipment becomes a matter of life or death. Here he graces our pages with heartfelt praise for our Gator, PR-5, Tri-fold and Flat Dog Gun Slip.

One of my favourite booths at both the Dallas Safari Club and SCI conventions, is the Red Oxx stand. Not only for the racks of bags, pouches, and accessories they carry, and the oft overlooked little nik-nak which once you own you never knew how you lived without, but also for the people there. I have seldom met a crew so enthusiastic and even passionate about what they do. Owners Jim and Perry have really taken their work to new levels and are constantly thinking outside the box to develop and cater to the adventurer's every carry need. Although the hunting fraternity was not the starting point for the company, it has grown over the years to become one of their favourite outlets.

Founded in 1986, Red Oxx manufacturing of Montana started as a small U.S. regional brand and their products were marketed exclusively through local sportsman's shows. Then one fateful day a Safari Club International member spotted them at the Dakota Deer Classic and the rest is history as they say. Soon they were exhibiting at the big show and now moving into the 2010 season they have expanded their booth again and continue to add venues.

As their famous trademarked slogan says "Not sold at a store near you" you either have to find them at home in Billings Montana, the shows or on the Internet. For the direct model is the only way of this hard charging brand. The company boasts an excellent website that is full of information about selecting the right gear for your next adventure. With over 25% of their online customers being international, the Red Oxx has leveraged the technology of the day and has become the new choice for seasoned safari hunters.

I have been fortunate over the years to test many of their products, and frankly have become a bit of an addict. I do probably have more carry-on bags and clever little pouches than I need, but it is always fun to brag. More importantly, I have found that they always deliver on quality and function, and really, one can never have too many bags. If I have a complaint about the Red Oxx range, it is that their high quality, robust and shiny stainless steel fittings attract more than just the attention of a passing ostrich. I seldom use anything other than Red Oxx bags on my travels, but have become weary of the airline's baggage handler's abilities to "lose" the fancy straps (and of course stainless steel fittings) off my luggage! Always a good excuse to call by Jim and Perry to pick up more.

One of the perennial favorites at the convention is the carry on trio of a PR 5 Safari Beano, Tri Fold Toiletry Kit and the Gator personal item carry-on. This three bag combination fits all the airline carry on regulations for international travel. Another lightweight necessity in the field is the Flat Dog Rifle Slip. These handy slips keep the dust off the weapon while it is stowed in the vehicle rack during transport. A new innovation seen at the 2009 conventions was the CPA Brief Case. Designed for the general traveler needing a comprehensive business carry-all, we tested it in Africa.

More and more professional hunters live and work by the flexible technology offered by laptops, and carry all manner of paraphernalia around with them - booking sheets, hunt permits, gun and professional licenses... it soon piles up. With foam padding to keep the laptop safe, one still has plenty of room for all of this, and even a change of clothes, just in case the odd angry buffalo gets the adrenaline running down the back of your legs (you know, that brown stuff!), or a leopard turns your favorite shirt into ribbons.

The CPA briefcase has the same features as the Metro briefcase; internal file separators on each wall of the bag. One is sewn down to keep your files or magazines in place, while the other is left open to the bottom so you can secure your laptop out of the way. The separators have pockets for disks, business cards, and writing utensils. On the exterior of the bag you have access to four pockets, including two with "Red Oxx snap closures" that expand to fit your needs.

In fact, their range is endless and their drive to come up with purpose built products for every eventuality, it is difficult to walk away from their booth without buying something they know you needed. With satisfaction guaranteed and a lifetime guarantee, their products come with some serious backing. And with over 40 designs in 13 colors the Red Oxx product line sets the standard for 21st Century safari style, too.

If you plan on attending the yearly conventions be sure to stop by the Red Oxx booth and view these quality products in person. Both Company owners Jim Markel and Perry Jones will be on hand to answer any traveling questions and assist in you in finding the correct Red Oxx item for your next safari.

This article appeared on pages 44-45 of African Hunter Magazine Vol. 15 No. 4. Special thanks to Anthony "Ant" Williams for permission to use the article.

Gosh, we're blushing all round red. A toast to Ant and his discriminating taste in the finer things in life. If you'd like to read more of Ants Rants, try From Snow to Savannah.


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