Sky Train Scales the Great Wall of China

Sky Train Scales the Great Wall of China


Carry-on bags can sometimes be a poor fit for international flights. Not so for the Sky Train. Glenn Albright had no problems when he traveled to Red China with his jam-packed Sky Train Convertible Carry-on Backpack Bag. Clearly, hands-free travel using a bag that doubles as a carry-on bag and a backpack is the key to enjoying visiting famous places around the world. Let's check in with Glenn while we admire his lovely images.

Dear Red Oxx,
About a year ago, I spent three months in Suzhou, China for the company I work for. I stumbled across your website while searching for the perfect carry-on bag for the trip. It was a tough decision between the Air Boss and the Sky Train, but I ended up choosing the Sky Train in the Safari color. Even stuffed to the gills, I had no problem carrying it on the plane for this international flight.

Tiananmen Square.
Tiananmen Square.

Actually, with the versatility of the Sky Train, I had no problem carrying it anywhere I went along China's east coast. The Claw shoulder strap came in handy while walking the streets of Shanghai on several weekend excursions, and the backpack straps were a blessing walking up the hundreds of steps of The Great Wall near Beijing..

At the Great Wall.
At the Great Wall

The Sky Train did not feel the least bit cumbersome the entire time I had it on my back. The straps were very comfortable, and allowed my hands to remain free to capture many great photos of the Great Wall, the Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square, and many other wonderful sites of the beautiful country. My Sky Train was with me a great deal of the time carrying my extra clothes, souvenirs, and camera supplies. Well worth the price for this "lifetime" bag.

In the Forbidden City
In the Forbidden City.

Thank you for making such a versatile and durable travel bag.

Glenn Albright
Columbus, WI

Thanks for the beautiful images Glenn. For publishing his Adventure Journal, Glenn get's his choice of a Red Oxx Rigger Wallet or Market Tote. What's your story?

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