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The Best Messenger Bag: From Coffee Shop to Carry-on

The Best Messenger Bag: From Coffee Shop to Carry-on

Gabrielle grew up in Livingston and Bozeman, Montana. Growing up she had a lot of Red Oxx gear in their home. Most family road trips meant that everyone had to fit whatever they needed in a single Red Oxx bag; soft-sided means a 6-person family can fit everything in the trunk of a minivan. Gabrielle was thrilled when Red Oxx asked her to be a Travel Ambassador. Here’s Gabrielle with her impressions of the C.C. Rider Laptop Messenger Bag.

Alright ladies and gents, there’s a cool bag at Red Oxx that has transitioned to the mainline catalog from their Special Edition Red Eye Collective. The C.C. Rider Messenger Bag is a prime example of the innovation that comes from the scheming minds of the Red Eye Collective.

It’s been through more than a few prototype versions, but that’s what it takes when your standard is excellence. Take a look inside this champion of all messenger bags with Lead Bag Designer Lacy!

    "There are a multitude of pockets to keep your supplies neatly organized. Find comfort with the addition of the Red Oxx Long Hauler Comfort Strap. The trolley sleeve keeps the bag in place when parked on top of a rollaboard. With this bag any travel experience is about to make you feel like a world-traveling pro. Become a believer in the C.C. Rider because this is the best travel messenger bag around." Said Lacy.

How many readers travel on planes relatively frequently? Odds are, you’re traveling with a small laptop, or perhaps a tablet.

Recognize that tightness in your shoulders, the slight tension in your chest that starts as the TSA security line creeps closer to the conveyor belt? This feeling usually starts as your brain begins to run down the mental list of all the things you’re going to have to take out and place in a TSA approved security bin.

It was bad enough taking off your shoes, belt, emptying pockets, and sometimes removing any jewelry. Then taking out the little bag with all your liquids, and any tech gadgets bigger than a phone.
Man in train station CC Rider messenger bag

Well, let your shoulders relax, friends. It just got a little easier.

The C.C. Rider Messenger Bag features a discreet zipper at the top of your bag. It’s perfectly positioned to unzip, reach your hand in, and smoothly remove a smaller size laptop or tablet from the built-in sleeve. The big flap remains buckled and closed.

The exterior front pockets on the C.C. Rider Laptop Messenger Bag can still be accessed from the sides when unzipped. This means those little things you need to easily access get stuffed in those front pockets, no need to unbuckle the big top flap just to quickly grab something.

The C.C. Rider Messenger Bag is available for order in any color from the Red Oxx 13 color selection.

~ Gabrielle, Red Oxx Travel Ambassador

As Gabrielle likes to say, "I’m a digital nomad, which means as long as I have WiFi and my laptop, I can work from anywhere in the world."

"Currently, I’m in London where I produce a podcast called Musicians Can Thrive. Over 10 years of my life went into honing my craft writing songs, and researching how to build a career in a new kind of music industry. The podcast is a way to share that knowledge with other musicians seeking ways to make money from their art."

Red Oxx is delighted that a woman of such talent is representing us around the world.

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