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Love of Red Oxx Bags Brings Rivalry to a Head

Love of Red Oxx Bags Brings Rivalry to a Head

Dear Red Oxx,

You may remember me from such customer service emails as "Thanks for Fixing the Stitching on My Mini-Ruck" and "I Threw the One Ring and my Beanos PR 5.5 Duffel into the Fires of Mordor, and Only the Duffel Survived."

But I am probably best known from my cameo as "Mr. Colorado" in "Darin from Philadelphia’s" May 22, 2013 Red Oxx Adventure Journal post, "Urban Legend On C-Ruck Rucksack Toughness Proves True". I was much maligned in that post, because Darin from Philadelphia fancies himself some kind of comedian, and used the opportunity of touting his ownership of Red Oxx bags to defame me because I once had to send my Mini-Ruck back to you to fix a seam, which you did superbly; your "No Bull" Lifetime Warranty is just that.

Anyway, in Darin from Philadelphia’s post, he referred to me as "the mysterious Mr. Colorado." I choose here and now to be mysterious no longer. I am Steve from Colorado, and I’d like to publicly offer my own totally-way-better-than-Darin-from-Phliadelphia’s praise of Red Oxx bags.

I have five Red Oxx bags, plus accessories. I love them. They are the best bags anywhere, and I’ve certainly taken them everywhere; from Europe to the Pacific, from mountain biking the high Colorado Rockies (as a guide) to chasing solar eclipses across Wyoming, and even, this last December, to the frigid and dark winter landscape of Iceland at the Spartan Ultra World Championship.

And so I thought I would send you a picture of that trip to Iceland, where, in order to run alongside the world’s best obstacle course racers, I used my Medium Red Oxx Aviator Kit Baq to haul my race, and post-race gear. The Aviator is a cavernous bad-boy that held everything, from my gigantic DryRobe and a heavy down jacket, to a pair of large snow boots and a stash of post-race food.

After all, this was Iceland in the heart of winter; we had barely four hours of daylight and it was FREEZING. I needed every bit of gear I could fit, and thankfully, that Aviator fit A LOT of gear. Note to racers: the Aviators are PERFECT bags for any event’s bag check.

And when the race was over, the bag swallowed all my muddy clothes and shoes, and kept them away from my clean clothes until I could get back home. And remember, this was just the MEDIUM size Aviator. I can’t imagine everything the Large Aviator can hold. Half of Iceland, I suspect.

I also took my Red Oxx Big Bull Roll-up* along as my carry-on. I can’t tell you how many compliments I’ve gotten on that thing.

Bottom Line?

For a while now I’ve wanted to let you know how amazing your bags are, and how pleased I am with their quality. So, there you go. I also want to go on the record and say your customer service is TOP NOTCH. When my Mini-Ruck was sent in for repair, it was back and better than new in a flash.

Perhaps you will post this on your website. Darin from Philadelphia has been acting like he’s totally “all that” just because he got a letter in your Adventure Journal, and I haven’t yet. I mean, he even teases me about it every year in his Christmas card. But even if you don’t, I will always be a Red Oxx fan.

With highest regards,

Steve from Colorado

*Alas the Big Bull Roll-up was, much like Steve from Colorado, misunderstood and has returned to it’s rightful place in the Red Oxx catalog. Do you have a story to share? Send us your Adventure Journal to subject line "Adventure Journal"! ~ Cheers, Jim Markel, CEO

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