Red Eye Collective: Special Edition Seasonal Colors

Red Eye Collective: Special Edition Seasonal Colors

When the Dirty Dozen Wasn't Enough

From Camo to Carob, Be sure to Watch for our Periodic Special Edition Colors

Color is cool. Colors are what make life bright and vibrant. Color can influence how you feel and act. Color can express who you are as an individual. Even though there's a dozen colors for almost all our gear for you to choose from, every once in a while the Oxx gets an itch for a new color.

When Red Oxx celebrated our 30th Anniversary the ladies on the production floor wanted to make pink bags. Some of those gals are really into pink. Pink shirts, pink socks, pink shoes (sometimes even pink hair) ... and pink bags.

So the herd made a bunch of pink bags and they sold out. Then the guys said, "hey we want camo". The Oxx looked at some cool camo and made a streak of special edition cool camo EDC bags.

Fall is a bright and colorful time of year. So in the fall of 2018 the herd roared they wanted orange. Boy did they get an orange. Not just any orange. Heck, not even a safety orange (though it was called that). It was a bold and beautiful "mandarin" blood orange. "Orange you glad it's not pink?" the pink gals bellowed back.

Come spring, a pink faerie struck while the boys were out of town at Overland EXPO. Suddenly with the wave of her magic wand, every bag turned pink... again!

So when you want vivid color in your bags, you shop Red Oxx. When you want color that speaks "exclusive", check out our Special Edition seasonal colors.

Not just on one bag, but on just about any Red Oxx bag* you want, in any quantity. Better yet, you won't even have to call and ask for it. You'll be able to order it from our website.

Watch for our forthcoming "Special Edition" images on our product pages so you can see your fancy color on your favorite bag. You won't be able to miss it.

All Red Oxx Special Edition colors are available only for limited time periods. Every special color is backed by our "No Bull" Lifetime Warranty," just like all our bags. When the special edition color roll is used up, that particular color is gone forever. So be sure to get your order in as soon as you hear about it. Every Special Edition Color bag is "built to order", so you might have to wait a week or two to get it. Plan accordingly.

What's the best way to hear about the next Special Edition color you ask? Easy, sign up for our periodic email newsletter where you'll hear about it first. Or if you're a social kinda person, Red Oxx will announce it on social media... next. Email first. Facebook next.

Red Oxx Special Edition colors... now isn't that just "cow-lerful"?

* Special Edition colors are not available for our Ballistic Nylon bags 'cause ballistic is black... period.

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