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Love List 6 – Red Oxx Herd Gear Gift Guide

Love List 6 – Red Oxx Herd Gear Gift Guide

Give the gift that lasts a lifetime, let the Herd shop for you.

Six favorite Christmas present ideas selected by our staff make up this “love list” covering any budget from economical to lavish. Find pleasure giving simple gifts like our exclusive Reflective Monkey Fist Zip Knots or indulge for your loved one in a high quality travel bag like our “fits in any overhead bin” International Carry-on, the Mini Boss.

Anyone and everyone can use a washable Market Tote or Lil Roy for everyday carry.

Find out what kind of bag a Lead Bag Designer recommends and which favorite bag brings bliss to a Customer Care Consultant. Red Oxx gear is backed by our “No Bull” Lifetime Warranty and are all designed, hand-crafted and shipped from our home here in Billings, Montana. Red Oxx has your recipients covered, literally, for life.

JIM MARKEL, CEO – Travel Light, Travel Right, the Mini Boss Keeps it Tight

If picking out what to wear is a challenge, packing it in an appropriate Red Oxx bag can be just as daunting. As I have all our gear at my disposal I sometimes struggle with choosing the right travel bag. It usually depends on what I’m wearing and where I might go.
Blade Runner 2.0.
Blade Runner 2.0.

Recently Red Oxx was selected as Montana Small Business Ambassadors. Fellow award winner Jeff Wright invited me to attend an entrepreneurial event in beautiful downtown Burbank. The event was co-sponsored by the Montana Film Commission and the Governor. With my recent foray into documentary film making I figured it would be a great chance to see who might be interested in doing business under our Big Sky.
ICON Derelict Project
ICON Derelict Project

Minimalist Travel as a Philosophy

For those of us relegated to flying the backwaters of the air transport system you know all too well just how truly small an overhead bin can be. Popping open the bin I noticed that it was completely empty of any other bags. Tossing in my Mini Boss I sat down and gleefully watched all the bulky roller bags backing off the plane. No way are you getting one of those pigs into the bin without a saw.

    Our Red Oxx Mini Boss is well suited to the minimalist traveler on a three day jaunt.

Soon enough we were winging our way to the land of sun and sand. That evening I was dressed for success but I had my casual gear ready for what I hoped to be a sunny weekend.

Between Airnbnb and Uber you’re not tied to checking in with anyone or worrying about parking. The days of waiting in line for a rental car, only to wait in line again at some hotel, are fast becoming a thing of the past. Kind-of-like land lines and pay phones fading into the realm of horse and buggy.

After meeting some film producers I spent time with a few of our customers who live in the valley. Last time I was out here was almost ten years ago. I thought it would be fun to see how far our friends had progressed.
Travel right, travel tight, travel light..
Travel right, travel tight, travel light..

Adventuring with Adventure Corps

Chris Kostman from Adventure Corps has been running extreme races like the Badwater Ultramarathon for quite some time. We had last hung out and visited ICON 4×4 when Jonathan Ward was just getting things rolling. Johnathan was gracious enough to spend the morning with us. His crew was scrambling to finish up the final details on an Electric Vehicle build for SEMA.

These two fellow entrepreneurs have accomplished so much in the last decade. If you’re not familiar with these two brands please take a minute to check them out. I’ve found them both inspirational as I continue to build Red Oxx.
Bygones be byegones.
Bygones be bygones.

A delightful sunny afternoon was in the works so Chris tossed me the keys to the Saturn. I pointed the car downhill to the beach for some much needed R&R. A quick surfer change and I padded off to the shore break. Looking down I noted a unique pattern in the sand; you know you’re in Cali when every shoe print is from a pair of Vans!

CHRISTIAN, CORPORATE SALES – Tri-fold is a TSA Checkpoint Dynamo!

The Tri-Fold Shave Kit is one of my favorite Red Oxx Accessories for many different reasons. The mesh pockets allow me to see right into them and easily access what I’ve packed. I don’t have to waste time waiting for my soaps to dry before packing them. Those mesh pockets are a TSA checkpoint dynamo, as they too, can look/see without my pulling the contents out. Goodbye quart-sized Ziploc bag. Dig the handy-dandy built-in strap to hang it up. So convenient; hanging it allows easy access to my toiletries.

I’ve packed my toiletries in it for a 10-day trip. The Tri-fold was up to the task. I love to carry some Nalgene Travel bottles because I can bring along my vitamins, Dr. Bronner’s travel soaps, face wash and more. The third pocket stores my Mack’s Earplugs, Seki Nail Clippers and Nostril Scissors. The Tri-Fold fits perfectly in my Sky Train‘s top compartment, designed to ride there in comfort.

    The Tri-fold Shave Kit is easily the crème de la crème of dop kits, hands down.

It’s a perfect gift for anyone on your shopping list that likes to minimally travel and is tough to buy for. I hope it becomes one of your gift recipient’s favorites, too … happy trails!

LACY, GEAR DESIGNER – Mini Ruck is Multi-purpose Bag Defined

“Why do I love my Roadster Mini Ruck Rucksack you ask? Where do I start? Beyond being the right size, comfortable to wear, having lots of pockets, and easy to clean, it serves my needs as an ideal multi-purpose bag.”

“The shoulder straps are soft and comfy, especially with the chest strap. I’ve taken it on a 13-mile hike filled with treats, first aid supplies, camera equipment, and water.”

“I use it whenever I go camping; it’s the bag I load with my clothes, shoes, and little stuff. The Mini Ruck has performed as my hunting bag, overnight bag, tool bag, and business briefcase. I’ve taken this Rucksack on a week-long business trip through airports and traipsing around the city. It fits perfectly in the airline overhead bin. I loaded it with more stuff bringing it home and it still fit. Being a top-loader, using our Packing Cubes makes it so easy to pack.”

“I’ve carried craft supplies to a friend’s pad with it. I’ve taken it rock-hounding and lugged a bag full of rocks home. The Mini Ruck has gone to the river when I go fishing; I’ve even loaded it with catfish when I forgot my knife and stringer. It actually cleans up quite easily“.

    “Whenever I need a bag, my Mini Ruck is the first bag I grab out of my Red Oxx collection.”

I actually have a couple of them. I couldn’t resist the special addition color pink. Had to have one! (ED NOTE: periodically Red Oxx offers our gear in special colors available in limited supply).

SAM, CUSTOMER CARE – Zip Knots Are Appreciated Gifts Anyone Can Afford

While they may be small and seem unimportant, our Monkey Fist Zip Knots prove that size isn’t everything; they even have a unique human-interest story all their own.

“Not only are they super helpful on our bags when reaching for zippers, I’ve found a myriad of uses. They’re especially handy when I’m wearing bulky gloves; I can undo jacket zippers without removing them, thereby avoiding freezing my fingers. I’ve also installed them on my tent zippers, sleeping bags, all my jackets and snow pants. I’ve even used them for organizing key chains by color. The different bright reflective color offerings also allow you to “personalize” your luggage.”

“The paracord used to tie the zip knots is American made. It’s then hand-tied in Guatemala at a little village Red Oxx has been working Fair Trade with for several years. I find this especially appealing as it provides the village with a steady source of income, helping sustain the local economy while improving their quality of life.” Now available in convenient 6-pack bundles.

JENNA, MEDIA MARSHAL – How Shall I Count How I Love Thy Market Tote?

“First and foremost the Market Tote is the sturdiest grocery/shopping bag around and roomy to boot. For a family of six like mine, I recommend having at least four, or up to six Market Totes for any trips to the store. In addition, it’s handy for daily carry if you need to keep a jacket, umbrella or other personal items on hand.”

“I regularly use it for carrying towels to the pool or hot tub and even take it to the beach when summer makes its short but fiery appearance here in Montana. It’s simple construction makes for easy storage, too. You can fold it up in your luggage when you travel, or stash one in the pocket behind the car seat as it doesn’t take up much space.”

“I could probably go on and on with recommendations for the multitude of uses of this simple tote bag, but I’m sure by now you’ve got the idea. Just get yourself and your gift recipients one, or five, and you’re set to seize the day with a bag in tote, I mean tow…”

MINISTER OF INFORMATION – Lil Roy Color Co-ordinates Your Gear

“Having been with the Oxx Herd for nearly a decade, I’ve acquired quite the stash of Red Oxx gear. One of the most prominently used bag in my collection is the Lil Roy Gadget Bag. I have three already and plan to own more because it’s so useful for keeping my crazy life organized.”

    I love the bright colors and have color-coded my Lil Roys into separate uses.

“One Mariner colored Lil Roy carries my digital camera. My camera gets stuffed in the middle compartment and I fill the interior side mesh pockets with extra batteries, Scan Disc cards, SPUDZ lens cleaner and mini tripod.”

“In another bright Red Lil Roy I keep my elderly Mother’s medication, tissues, cough medicine, a small water bottle, extra hearing-aid batteries, sun glasses and other items she needs. I love that when we travel I can just grab that bag for her and go, not having to worry, “Did I bring her meds?”

“My third Black Lil Roy lives to ride incognito in my rigs. My radar detector, my mini-emergency battery charger, and my Navi GPS in it and all the power cords slip in the mesh pockets. They are easily secured by the inner pocket snaps. I just nab the Lil Roy when I head out, and depending on which vehicle I take, I’ve got my road-trip essentials with me.”

So you can see that with twelve colors to choose from the Lil Roy is a superb choice for keeping your life organized, and ready to roll.


Be sure to stop by Red Oxx Factory Outlet Retail Store in Billings, Montana every weekend during December and shop “in person” and the Red Oxx elves will gladly gift-wrap your presents.

No matter who is on your Christmas wish list, Red Oxx has what they need. For Life!

Need more ideas? Try our more extensive Traveler’s Gift Guide here.

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