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All Red Oxx Gear, All the Time for a 2 Week Trip to England

All Red Oxx Gear, All the Time for a 2 Week Trip to England

Ten years can easily wreck havoc on a bag. Robert Yates understands quality when he sees it. That’s why on his latest trip overseas it was all Red Oxx, all the time. Let’s check in on this "all the time" stuff he’s raving about here.

Dear Jim:

I purchased my first Red Oxx products, an Air Boss Carry-on and Gator bag in 2006. Over the ensuing 10 years, I am now the proud owner of over a half dozen of your fine products, including the original Gator carry-all tote bag.

This summer, my wife and I took a 15 day trip to England and Scotland.

    For me, it was an "All Red Oxx, All the Time" trip.

Specifically: My Sky Train bag held enough clothing for the two weeks, including a fleece and rain jacket, toiletries packed in the Tri-fold shaving kit, spare electronics, such as chargers and cabling in a Lil Roy, with a Nomad serving as a shoe and sox bag, and of course the indispensable Gator bag as a daily camera and “on the bus” bag.

Everything worked, and everything worked flawlessly. Most notably, the Gator bag, although not waterproof, was water resistant enough to keep everything dry on a day when it rained in three different directions on the Isle of Mull and Iona.

As you can see from the attached photo take at Urquhart Castle, I’m never without my Gator.

Thanks again for making such great products here in the USA. I recommend them to everyone interested in lightweight, no-wheels travel.


Robert B. Yates

Yes, indeed, we shamelessly confess we’re in the “All Red Oxx, All the Time” zone as well. Understood my friend. For his efforts to get his story told, Robert got to pick out his choice of a Rigger Wallet or Market Tote. You too, can get a free Wallet or Tote, send us your Adventure Journal today! ~ Jim Markel CEO

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