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Roadster Mini Ruck’s Everyday Work Carry Fulfills Special Needs

Roadster Mini Ruck’s Everyday Work Carry Fulfills Special Needs

And Makes it’s Cameo Debut on Television!

Brian Wilson needed a bag to tour China and picked up a Roadster Mini Ruck Rucksack a couple years back. Since then, his "trusty ruck" has morphed into an every day bag he uses for work among other things. This Mini Ruck even made a cameo appearance on CNN when Brian’s special needs adopted child was featured. Let’s find out just what kinds of daily use Brian gets out of his Roadster Rucksack.

I just wanted to send you a quick note to thank you for making such a great rucksack. I purchased my Mini Ruck in November of 2014 and have been using it for my everyday work carry since then. It’s perfect for my computer, files and all other work essentials and I couldn’t be happier with the bag.

Mini Ruck passes Carry-on test

This month, I had the chance to put it to the “real” test when I decided to use the Rucksack as my airplane carry-on and daypack on a trip to China with my wife to pick up our adopted son.

The Mini Ruck was just the right size to carry a computer, headphones, change in clothes, paperwork and all other travel necessities while fitting easily in the overhead compartment. It also served great on our day trips throughout China. We found that we needed to carry a lot more stuff to care for our special needs child and the Mini Ruck had room to spare. It even fit nicely between the handles of the wheelchair when our son JiaJia (Jason) wanted to carry it.

    I looked long and hard to find a quality American made backpack before I made this purchase and I’m so glad I found Red Oxx.

Keep up the good work, I’m sure I’ll be coming back for more stuff in the future.

~Brian Wilson

P.S. Our adoption story was featured on a CNN report and on a couple of local Kansas City news stations.

Wow Brian, that is a great story on so many levels. Congratulations on becoming new parents. Pretty cool JiaJia digs the Mini Ruck Rucksack. For the efforts to get his story told, Brian got to choose from a Rigger Wallet or a Market Tote. You too, can get a free Wallet or Tote, send us your Adventure Journal today! ~ Jim Markel, CEO
Special needs child JiaJia from China is adopted by American parents.
Special needs child JiaJia from China is adopted by American parents.

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