Trip to China Merits Praise for Sky Train, Mini Ruck and Gator

Trip to China Merits Praise for Sky Train, Mini Ruck and Gator

Trip to China merits praise for Red Oxx Gear

Paper Tiger Blogger ""other lisa"" took a trip to China and brought along her Red Oxx Gear. She confesses she's a bag junkie. Not the purse kind, but travel gear. She loves well-made functional bags. Her philosophy being that when you travel a lot, great gear is better than bad bags. She had quite a bit to say.

Here's something to consider: despite the economy forcing price as an issue into a lot of purchases, ""other lisa"" made a good point about using something (such as a travel bag) for a very long time rather than replacing it after a few years of hard wear. So while she admits that Red Oxx Gear is expensive, it's also worth it.

"I wanted luggage good-looking enough to use for business travel, and while this definitely is in the "rugged, functional" category, the quality really shows."

"other lisa" initially purchased a Mini Ruck for use as a grocery go-getter. She also found it useful for day trips and for carrying her camera gear.

"The Mini Ruck made a great bag for all-day trips, especially with the changeable weather I encountered and the need for room to stuff a spare layer, hat and gloves."

So impressed was "other lisa" with her Mini Ruck Rucksack, she bought a Sky Train Convertible Carry-on Bag. She liked that she could carry her Mini Ruck on her back and the Sky Train using The Claw Travel Shoulder Strap. She found The Claw was a lot more comfortable than one would expect.

"The Skytrain was everything advertised and more. It's incredibly rugged and holds a surprising amount of stuff for a carry-on bag (including that huge pair of Sorel boots). There always seemed to be room for one more thing in the Skytrain, and the sturdy seams and zippers never showed signs of strain. Plus, I never saw another bag like it the entire trip. No worries about finding your Red Oxx on the luggage carousel - it really stands out."

Though she didn't bring her Gator with her during her trip to China, she sure wished she'd had it with her all the way across the country. "other lisa" commented on the Gator that ...

"despite the stated dimensions of the Gator, it easily holds a 12" laptop in a padded sleeve (I use the nifty one by Built, available at REI), along with a digital SLR. A larger MacBook will fit too, though you'd probably need a fitted sleeve a la Built for it to work with a case."

"other lisa" had some other great commentary on products she brought along with her during her visit to the Red Country. You can catch up with her at The Paper Tiger - Semi-random musings, links & conversion about writing, politics and things Chinese. We thank "other lisa" for her musings and hope she will have many years of rugged use of her Red Oxx Gear.

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