How Can a Bag Make your Life Better?

How Can a Bag Make your Life Better?

Air Boss: The Bulletproof 1 Bag Workhorse is a popular blog devoted to tips for better living. They give advice about how to go on 2 or 3 day business trips with nothing more than a backpack for luggage, or even how to get the most out of your Thanksgiving turkey. Kevin C. comes back this time to rave about the Red Oxx Air Boss. An avid fan of the Air Boss, Kevin was so impressed he wrote an extensive blog about it. Think about how a simple travel bag can improve your life. Kevin had this to say about the Air Boss:

Eying my bag

Kevin had the not so unusual experience of having someone eying his bag. Not in a bad way, that someone might want to steal it, but rather a middle aged couple curious as to what it was and who made it. Kevin generously responded by launching into the extraordinary history of Red Oxx and giving a detailed description of the reason's a simple travel bag changed his life.

  • "Extraordinarily robust construction"
  • "3 main compartments fully zippered on all sides...(this allows you to) open the bag up flat for packing." to quote Kevin's enthusiasm, "a tremendous convenience!"
  • "What you get is pure function"
  • "This is a bag for the person who wants to pack light and carry his or her bag with him/her at all times while in transit."
  • "Perfect...the bag is...funky and functional enough to serve a student traveling abroad" (or the business traveler, but we already point that out)
  • "No fear of your bag being lost"
  • "No bellman tips"
  • "Greater peace of mind"

Kevin's an honest guy. He has to be to offer tips on practical living. So when it comes to saying what a downside could be for the Air Boss, it's this:

"The only caveat I’d offer is that if I want to bring along my laptop, I end up packing it in my Metro daily bag as the Air Boss gets a bit too heavy with the addition of a 6-7 lb. laptop. It’s my preference to not do that, however, as I find it very liberating to travel with just one bag - it’s so much simpler and easier!"

Kevin offered an interesting aspect that perhaps most folks traveling might not have thought about that truly does help make your life better:

"Another interesting aspect: if you need to remove something (padfolio, laptop, folders) from one of the main compartments, the fact that their zippers run across 3 sides of the bag makes it very easy - unzip the side and slip your item out that way, vs. out the top, if you prefer. This is handy when the bag is in an overhead and you need to retrieve something, or when taking a laptop out at the TSA checkpoint."

Kevin also stated that he is "in my 50’s and of average build and physical condition. Carrying a fully loaded Air Boss has not been an issue… plus it’s immeasurably easier to hoist into an overhead versus my old wheelie."

An additional posted comment by a reader Micheal W. offered this: "Props to Air Boss for keeping the foam panels VERY minimal."

To wrap it all up, Kevin stated that the "bag represents a fine value; this is a bag that will easily last decades." And in this day and age, with cheap being nothing more than having to go shop again and again for another travel bag. Not to mention the embarrassment of your bag falling apart in the middle of a trip, the airport, the hotel lobby, the taxi... VALUE is the ultimate bonus.

Whew, high praise indeed. And we have been there and done that. Thanks Kevin for rewarding our fellow journeymen with not only a wonderful review, but some great tips on how to use the Air Boss. 

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