Red Oxx Gator Gains Ground at Habitat for Humanity

Red Oxx Gator Gains Ground at Habitat for Humanity


Jennifer Hale loves giving a helping hand. She discovered that a multipurpose bag like the Gator is really a useful bag for times when she's out in the field volunteering. Here's her Adventure Journal as she talks about how her Gator lived as a "bag of all trades".

I work for a school. At the last minute my boss became unable to accompany the other chaperones on the senior class service project trip to the West Virginia Almost Heaven Habitat for Humanity build site. I was asked to replace him. Although I felt unequal to the task, I knew my Safari colored Red Oxx Gator would be able to handle whatever I would be asked to do.

Throughout the week, my Red Oxx Gator held all sorts of stuff: our itinerary, sunscreen, bug spray, assorted tools, Wallet, medication, walkie-talkie, phone, chargers, Amazon Kindle, sandwich box and a crumpled Boonie hat. Even my water bottle clipped to the big rings on the side.

We painted, moved gravel, landscaped, had bonfires, cooked, roasted marshmallows, and had a wonderful time helping with building three different homes.

I'm very tough on bags (see my April 2011 review of my Gator, six months into its use) and my Gator thrived and survived. It rode in the dirty bus, got stuffed behind seats, was gone through by kids digging for gear, and came through wonderfully.

A student put it down on a paint-covered utility knife, and it now has a tiny slit in the first layer of fabric at the bottom, (but with no 'shredding' that cheap nylon from competitors bags would do) and a little smear of house paint to mark the journey. It is still good looking, and I get compliments from kids and trip coordinators alike.

Gator gets into the Habitat Gator gets into the Habitat[/caption]

It needed a wash at the end, and came out looking ready to start the summer. I took it with me to hosteling in Philadelphia, and a day trip to Monticello in Virginia.

Another adventure journal in the can. You can't keep a good bag down. For Jennifer’s efforts we tossed her the choice of a Market Tote or a Rigger Wallet, our little incentive to publish an Adventure Journal on our website. What’s your story?

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