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Over A Decade Overlanding With Red Oxx

Over A Decade Overlanding With Red Oxx


Red Oxx and Overlanding began their romance back in the summer of 2009. Red Oxx CEO Jim Markel loves the desert and is an outdoor camping fan. So at the idea of overlanding, which is roaming deserts and camping under the stars, Jim jumped at the chance. It was love at first, over land.

Overland Camping – Roaming the Desert

During Land Rover 1st Descent Jim teamed up with long-time overlander Gustaf Kupetz to test the limits of three new Land Rover LR3s. This Expedition-style 500+ mile trip from Montrose to Gateway, Colorado, tracked great sections of the Kokopelli and Tabaguache (Tabawatch) Trails. Jim put together his camping equipment list here, which is a handy reference for the novice overlander.
Land Rover LR3 during 1st Descent
Overland Bound – Taking in the view.

Overland EXPO #1 – Eating Dust

Jim and Red Oxx Minister of Information for the Department Of Redoxx Affairs trekked south to Arizona in the spring of 2010 for one of the earliest Overland EXPOs. Their overland travel with Gustaf was during a tour of the mountains surrounding Flagstaff. Mingling with the enthusiasts they sold a few bags.

Reaching the Summit
Reaching the Summit Outside Flagstaff.

Land Rover’s Don’t Float, That’s Why They’re Called Land– Rovers

During one overland expedition to the desert, it was discovered that the Land Rover Discovery doesn’t float. However, in an attempt to cross a river, Jim found himself, and a brand new Discovery, a bit over his head. Like, literally. Escaping out the window, with a quick grab for his pricey camera, the boys found themselves swimming outside a sunken rig. While the Red Oxx bags Jim brought with him dried nicely in the summer sun. The Discovery? Not so much.
In over their heads
In over their heads

How-To – Overlanding Lessons Video

Curious about trying overlanding? Watch this video with Jim and pal Koombie as they roll over MOAB in Koombie’s modified Land Rover Defender Pickup. Lots of great tips and tricks to getting your rig set up. Watch and learn how to maneuver through a few tricky spots you’re certain to encounter while off-roading in your 4×4.

Introduction Video: How to Overlanding Tips and Tricks

The Guru Speaks – Overland Journal’s Scott Brady’s Passion

Want to learn about Overlanding from the man who lives it daily? Read up on our interview with Overland Journal publisher Scott Brady. Since 2010, Scott has carried Red Oxx bags across 7 continents. Brady recommended our bags on Expedition Portal as “Overland Gear of the Decade“.
Scott Brady – Overland Guru
Scott Brady – Overland Guru of the Decade.

Below is a YouTube video of Scott’s testimony regarding using Red Oxx Gear for 10 years in a row, from the man in the know.

Field Tested – Red Oxx Bags and The Shower Pouch.

OK, So What Are Some Recommended Bags For The Overlander?


Red Oxx Big Bull Roll-up helps keep your gear organized. You can use this tool roll style bag for all sorts of things. Organize your camp kitchen like Jim does (see articles below) in the many mesh see-through raised pockets. Stuff it with spare parts and repair tools (that’s what it was designed for). Or just fill it with your belongings, roll it up and toss it in the back of your overland rig.

Red Oxx Big Bull Roll-up Is a Campers Dream
Red Oxx Big Bull Roll-up is ready to roll out.


The Lil Roy EDC Cache’ Bag is handy for storing things you might want to organize by color. For instance, pack your air compressor in a Mariner one, your First Aid Kit in a Red Roy, and your camera in a Khaki color one. Multiple colors of Lil Roys can be used to organize all sorts of overlanding things.
Red Oxx Lil Roy EDC Cache' Bag
Lil Roy is ready for the Out Land


Flying Boxcar Sports Duffel likes long things in it’s main compartment. It features a padded durable ballistic nylon bottom. The grab handles on it’s ends and raised side pockets can be easily accessed. Favored by overlanders over our other duffels, the Flying Boxcar won’t derail our belief in soft-sided bag ruggedness.

Fits in the back of your Defender.


Choose from over a half dozen neon colored mesh lidded packing cubes or pick up The Set. No matter which cube suits your tastes, you’ll find it’s bright color is a big plus during our next adventure.

Packing Cube as fishing gear bag on a belt
Red Oxx Amradilla Packing Cube’s gone fishing.

Camping Means Cooking in the Wild – Tips and Tricks

Cooking while overlanding is a surprisingly fancy affair. Overlanders tend to not only be sophisticated about their rigs, their gear, their clothes, cameras and more, they are also gastronomics. No reason not to eat well with the advances in portable refrigeration. You simply can’t beat the delicious flavor of cooking over a campfire. Jim loves to cook and often finds himself the chef during his overland adventures. Therefore, Red Oxx compiled a series of videos on tips and tricks to make your camp kitchen an easier place to go gourmet.

Jim serves up a camp cooked meal
Jim serves up a camp cooked meal to a happy hungry recipient.

Part 1. How to Set Up Your Overland Camp Kitchen – Video 1. Packing and Unpacking Camp Cooking Supplies – a Better Way.

Part 2. Easily Create a Healthy Camp Kitchen Meal – Video 2. Superior Cooking With Cast Iron Cookware.

Part 3. How to Create Quick Camp Kitchen Coffee – Video 3. Gastronomic Coffee Express.

Part 4. A Cleanup Tip for Your Overland Cooking Adventures – Video 4. In conclusion, leave No Trace.

See you out there

Land Rover Defender Crawling Rocks

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