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Our World is Choking on Plastic Grocery Bags – Join the Sustainable Shopping Bag Revolution

Our World is Choking on Plastic Grocery Bags – Join the Sustainable Shopping Bag Revolution


According to a recent sweeping article from The Guardian, plastic recycling is a "do good" field that’s failing en-mass. By "en-mass" – think MASS – try to comprehend one million tons of plastic shipped worldwide for recycling. America alone generates 34.5 million tons of plastic waste each year.

The business of sorting and separating plastic for recycling is causing immense pollution in foreign countries. It’s also a grave health concern whose problems may take years to appear.

Supposedly there’s a plastic waste mass touted as the "Great Pacific Garbage Patch" in the middle of the Pacific ocean the size of Texas. It’s estimated that thousands of species of ocean creatures will be affected by this waste. From giant whales that feed on plankton, mistaking masses of broken down plastic waste for their food, down to the microscopic organisms themselves becoming choked out.


While the Minister of Information for D.O.R.A (Department Of Redoxx Affairs) was residing in Billings, Montana, the home of Red Oxx Manufacturing, he spent many a day picking up plastic shopping bags that blew into his yard. On any given day, there could be up to half a dozen plastic bags stuck in the lilacs, the spruce, the elms, the fence, or plastered against his house and cars.

Ten years ago, before the onslaught of plastic bags for everything, the old tumbleweed was an eyesore to pluck from the yard. Today, discarded plastic grocery bags line entire stretches of highway, stuck in fences along the way. This is sadly often the case while driving into Billings. Travel across the great American west is rapidly becoming the Land of Oz’s plastic brick road.

While the decision to launch a reusable Red Oxx shopping tote several years ago was based on creating a grocery bag that would not break, using this Market Tote on a regular basis is now more relevant than ever before.


Some use the excuse that they forget to bring their shopping bags with them. This is easily remedied by hanging the tote on your front door knob after unloading its contents. Can’t miss it on the way out the door! The Minister stores more than a few in his rig, at the ready to take into the store or swarm the local farmer’s market.

Market smart
Get Market Smart.

As more and more communities, or entire states, embark on banning the ubiquitous and ever present plastic grocery bag, Americans now look for efficient ways to shop. They’ve discovered they can take a Red Oxx Market Tote to their favorite grocery store or farmer’s market.

    Red Oxx Shopping Totes meet or exceed the usual expectations. Such as:

  • "No Bull" Lifetime Warranty.
  • Ballistic Nylon sides and bottom lasts longer and helps it stand up.
  • They’re available in multiple vibrant colors, and now.
  • Come in three handy sizes.
  • They are easy to keep clean. Hand wash and rinse, hang dry.


Look no further. Red Oxx has expanded their popular shopping tote line with a new mid-size grocery tote based on their tough-as-a-tank Market Tote. Presenting the Mezzo Tote, a shopping bag smack dab in the middle of the tote size lineup. Mezzo, translated as "middle" "medium" or "half" is a shopping tote perfectly suitable for those single shoppers and one-stop shop drops.

Red Oxx Mezzo Tote
Red Oxx Mezzo Tote for single shoppers

Now that there are 5 convenient sizes of shopping totes to choose from, you can carry all three in your car. Tuck them inside each other like a Russian Troika doll and then grab whichever size is suitable for your shopping experience. Got a family to feed? Go big with the original Market Tote.


We’re confident our Shopping Totes are likely the toughest sustainable shopping totes in the entire world. How do we know?

Red Oxx Production President Perry Jones got curious one day and wanted to know, "Just how much weight would his Market Tote would hold?" Watch the video below to see it. Go ahead, be astounded and believe it, with your own eyes! We were.


Yes, it held 140 pounds of rocks and didn’t break. Then it lifted a 1500 pound chain before the seams for the wrap-around handles blew out. Guess what? It was still usable to carry things. And our No Bull Lifetime Warranty means we’ll fix it free!




Choose the Mezzo Tote, with enough capacity to carry a 12-pack of soda, a gallon of milk, and a loaf of bread. Or maybe you’re just after one or two items. Sure, that’s the purpose of the visit to the store, but is it ever the likely outcome? The Mini Tote will easily hold a beer Growler, or a &auot;personal&auot; watermelon, or loaf of bread, or a couple cartons of eggs, or a batch of apples or oranges. The Minister carried his Mini Tote to work every day as his lunch tote.

Plastic pollution is a concern for residents of not only foreign countries, but also here in the U.S.A.. A visit to the local landfill a few years ago revealed plastic bags plastered across local porches. Yeah, some developers built houses on the landfill, and yeah, some really stupid buyers of homes there eventually sued the city. Who were the real dummies? The city, the developers, or the buyers? It’s irrelevant.

Red Oxx Mini Tote Bag
Red Oxx Mini Tote Bag Hangs Out

The point is, loose plastic bags tossed into trash cans can easily go "airborne" and sail many miles before planting themselves on someone’s property. In Hawaii, most local residents take their trash to the dump. Loose plastic bags blow off their vehicles into the ocean, continually adding the the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

Do your part to help alleviate the plastic bag pollution problem and pick up a few Red Oxx Shopping Totes.

Red Oxx Market Tote serves also as Yoga Bag
    Red Oxx Market Tote serves also as Yoga Bag

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