On Defining an Urban Safari

On Defining an Urban Safari

How to Live Out of a Rucksack

Chris Barfield sent us a wonderful review of the C-Ruck. We were so impressed we asked if he could write up an Adventure Journal for us. Here's his take on using his C-Ruck in the third world and how it's much more than just a bag.

As an interpreter on a medical missions team, I travel deep into the jungles of Panama to assist doctors in their treating patients in remote areas. I often get there by plane, bus, dugout canoe or my old pair of boots. Due to the amount of equipment and medicine that we need to get to the people, we have very little luggage allowance left. So, we have to make our allowance count.

By carrying my C-Ruck, I'm able to keep my hands free and have zero worries about my gear. I've packed it for three weeks' worth of extended duty. My Nomad Kit when fit inside, holds all the underwear and socks needed along with a t-shirt or two. It really helps the organization of things when using the top-loader.

My C-Ruck has fit on all planes as my carry-on and has allowed me to travel without fear of losing any of my gear--very important when in remote locations where gear can't be replaced. I co

Gator Serves as Personal Item on Crowded Flight.

Red Oxx gear is popular with the safari crowd. In fact, we pretty much got our start through the generosity of people like Patrick Mavros at Dallas Safari Club back in 2001. Today, a new kind of safari has arrived. The urban safari. This can be a trip to a theme park, the zoo, or in this case the king of amusement parks, Disney World in Orlando. Joining us is Vince Genova, affectionately known to all as "Gromulus." Vince took his family on safari to Disney World and made sure everyone was fully loaded with a full compliment of Red Oxx gear.

They each packed a Gator, Travel Tray, Lil Roy, Nomad, Rigger Wallet, and Sun Chaser, while he carried his trusty PR5. Let's check in to see how well our gear can handle an urban safari.

Dear Red Oxx,
My family and I went on an African Safari - in Florida! OK, maybe not a "real" African safari but we visited Disney World in Orlando and stayed at the Animal Kingdom Lodge. The lodge is near the Animal Kingdom Theme Park and offers rooms that overlook one of several Savannah areas.

The rooms offer up-close and personal views of many species including Ankole Cattle, Bontebok, Zebra, Impala, and Reticulated Giraffe. We visited all four of the Disney World theme parks and then spent a few days at the Universal Theme Park.

We flew from Cleveland to Orlando and back via Continental on Boeing 737s that were very full! We also traveled by shuttle bus and taxi to and from the theme park resorts. The flight back to Cleveland was oversold and very crowded. The gate attendants were examining passengers' carry-ons very closely but myPR5 never garnered a second look.

The Gator is the perfect personal item and accompanies me on all my business and personal trips. The attached picture is of me with my Gator and "new" PR5, in the Safari color scheme of course! My wife used my other midnight blue Gator and they both fit perfectly side by side under one passenger seat.

What a great way to view living exotic African animals up close without flying all the way there. We're sure glad to see you wheeling about with the full complement of Red Oxx Bags. Except you're missing one vital item--a Market Tote. This bag is useful on a trip because it packs flat in your luggage and you can then fill it with goodies and gifts and use it as your personal item on the return trip. Gromulus gets a free Market Tote in any one of our amazing colors because he submitted an Adventure Journal that we published. Why not submit your story?
ld literally live out of this pack indefinitely. It's awesome. It has been my constant companion, serving as pillow, seat, footrest, and ersatz umbrella.

After a week with no shower and make-shift jungle food, nothing beats a churrasco at Lenos y Carbon, in Panama City!

Thanks Red Oxx, Chris Barfield

It's awesome that Chris has discovered the ease of carry-on travel. A properly packed rucksack can be all the bag you need when navigating the jungles of Central America. 

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