Market Tote Gets the Groceries in Netherlands

Market Tote Gets the Groceries in Netherlands

Red Oxx Bags Go Dutch and Do the Heavy Lifting.

When Lisa Daniels moved to Europe she discovered the old world lifestyle makes dependable carry-on and all-around-town bags a necessity. Lots of bicycle and walking travel through those narrow cobblestone streets. Good thing she's got the Non Slip Claw Shoulder Strap.

Dear Jim,
An update on our new life abroad...We use the Market Tote every week when we go to the street market to carry our fresh produce, bread, flowers, etc., and also every time we go to the grocery store. It costs extra here for the grocery store to provide you with bags, so everyone brings their own.

I am in graduate school, and use the Padded Briefcase to haul my books and laptop to and from school, the library, my internship, etc. The Briefcase is coveted by my classmates).

Sam ALWAYS takes the Day Pack with him wherever he goes - to work, running errands, on a bike ride - he jokes about it being his "man-purse" because he's grown so accustomed to having anything he might need with him all the time that now he can hardly go anywhere without it :)

Of course, we ALWAYS use our Gator EDC Bags as carry-ons whenever we travel, and also our Beano's PR5 Bag whenever we're taking short trips. In fact, Sam is in Italy right now on a three day business trip - his luggage consists of one Gator Bag, the Beano's Bag, and the Tri-fold Shave Kit.

You asked me why I have so many of your bags? They are unique and stylish, but most importantly they are durable and functional - plus, they're made in Montana!
Lisa Daniels
Lieden, Netherlands

PS. The Daniels' family Red Oxx inventory:

  • 2 Gator Bags
  • Padded CPA Briefcase
  • Market Tote
  • Safari-Beanos Duffle Bag (Medium - PR5)
  • Tri-fold Shave Kit
  • Garment Bag
  • Two other bags that we've had forever and still use all the time - I don't know what they're called and I'm not even sure Red Oxx makes them anymore...

Thanks Lisa. Wow, Red Oxx invades the grocery stores and street markets of Europe? What can we say, we're Bullish!
Cheers, Jim Markel CEO

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