Magic Mini Match: Mini Ruck Fits MINI Cooper

Magic Mini Match: Mini Ruck Fits MINI Cooper

What's the Best Luggage for Touring with Minimal Space in a Mini Cooper?

Shiva was a tough sell for a choice of a backpack. Shiva read all the reviews one could find on our Roadster Mini RuckSack. With funds in hand, Shiva stepped up and bought a Mini Ruck. Next, all that was needed was a Mini Cooper. Now Shiva's got one. A sleek yellow Cooper. So, does the Roadster work with a Mini Cooper? Does it make for perfect on-the-go storage in a Mini? Can it also carry the ever essential laptop in comfort? The answers to these questions follow.

Dear Red Oxx,

A while ago I bought the Mini Ruck -in amethyst -and wrote that all I needed now was a MINI cooper, and here I am: with a bright yellow Mini!

We are getting ready to tour across the US, and will have many adventures to share in an Adventure Journal. Stay tuned!

The Mini Ruck is made for the MINI. It fits in the "boot" as if custom made for it, with plenty of room to spare (and this with the rear seats up!). I say this because even a traditional book pack like those made by Bean or North Face did not fit width wise, and took up more space! Like the Mini Ruck which looks deceptively small, the MINI is large in ways unexpected. Having the Mini Ruck and MINI Cooper is teaching me more valuable lessons about the importance of minimalism in an old fashioned American way:

  • That less is more
  • That it is better to have ONE piece (of luggage) that will be durable, functional, and versatile than many that don't serve the purpose
  • And that things well made and with attention to detail provide an every day pleasure that is hard to measure!

Keep up the great products at Red Oxx.
~Shiva Subbaraman

We're thinking of downsizing our wheels, too. A friend's Toyota RAV-4 was quite intriguing. And guess what luggage he used on a trip to Montana's Prairie? A Roadster Mini Ruck.

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