Duffel Bag Excels in Eastmans' Journal Hard-Core Field Test

Duffel Bag Excels in Eastmans' Journal Hard-Core Field Test

Eastmans’ Hunting Journal, a leading publication dedicated to bowhunting and exploring the backcountry of the West, featured our Safari Beanos PR5 Carry-on Duffel bag in a recent field test. This was the real thing. Known as the "Hard-Core" field test, the program pairs real hunting guides with equipment for the ultimate in rugged backcountry testing.

By Steven Guerrieri

In late August, Eastmans’ Hunting Journal informed me that I had been chosen to be a Field Tester for the upcoming hunting season. I was excited to see what product I would be testing and was very pleased when, a few weeks later, the product arrived. Upon opening the box I found the "Red Oxx" duffel bag.

With a trophy elk hunt scheduled for the last week of September, I was looking forward to putting the duffel bag to work in British Columbia. This was to be a horseback hunt in the wilderness—what better place to test a duffel bag than strapped atop a horse for several miles! We packed the bag on a horse and ran a lash rope over it several times. I figured the stress inflicted by the rope would be a good test to of the durability of the product and I was not disappointed. The bag responded well, with no damage or rubbing anywhere, as we packed into and out of camp. In October I used the bag again, packing into Wyoming’s Jim Bridger Wilderness. Once more, the Red Oxx bag met the challenge with no problems.

The oversized zippers on the bag were easy to use and very durable. I particularly liked the double zippered top, which made closing the bag much easier than with a single zipper.

I was able to pack the following items into the bag: one pair of boots, sleeping bag, two pair of wool pants, three pair Capiline undergarments, camp shoes, camera, extra hat, toiletries, rain gear, two Polar Fleece shirts, six pairs of socks, one pair of jeans, two pair of gloves, and one extra coat.

The use of two of these bags would be ideal for horseback pack in hunts. The bag is compact, just the right dimensions for horse packing, and I highly recommends it. Thank you, Eastmans’ Sportsman Journal, for allowing me to participate in your Hard-Core Field Test program.


  • Overall Design: Excellent
  • Ease of Use: Good
  • Durability: Excellent
  • Appearance: Good

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