9 Hour Road Trip

How to Survive a 9 Hour Road Trip Using Red Oxx Bags

How to Survive a 9 Hour Road Trip Using Red Oxx Bags

Road Trip Essentials Include…

K.O. says she has what she needs to survive a nine hour road trip. She covers the basics everybody knows but she also has a surprise for the hardcore road trip fanatic. Let’s see what she has to share in her Summer Adventure Journal.

#1 Packing Snacks – The Best Bag

What’s the best way to survive a nine-hour car trip? Well, for starters, there’s snacks, obviously. Absolutely essential. And a Red Oxx Market Tote is the perfect way to organize them. Big enough to hold all you need, bright colors so it’s easy to find, and sturdy handles to yank on when you’re blindly reaching behind your seat, desperately in need of something to nibble.

#2 A Personal Hobby – Like Crocheting

Then you need something to do, and for me, for this trip, that meant crocheting hats. The Mini Tote was my ideal choice for keeping my yarn and crochet hooks all in one place. Another Market Tote got to carry my extra yarn, because, I mean, a nine hour road trip! Definitely don’t want to run out of stuff to do, and there’s the road trip back to consider, as well.

Yup, for you math wizards out there, that means I’m really talking about an 18 hour road trip. Thank goodness there were a few days of visiting family and kayaking in between to break it up!

The Essential Everyday Carry Bag

Then there’s my Special Edition Red Oxx Red Eye Collective The Hound Shoulder Bag — absolutely essential, because…well…it carries my essentials. You know: keys, wallet, sunglasses, all that stuff. It’s not a purse. I don’t do purses.

The Hound is my everyday carry bag. Big enough to carry all I need, small enough to carry around all day without hurting my shoulder, and sturdy enough to survive the apocalypse. No, really, it would probably last longer than I would.

Throw in some Packing Cubes for organizing toiletries and the like, and you’re set! Enjoy the open road!
~ all the best, K.O.

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