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Red Oxx Market Tote Tough Enough for River Rock Collecting

Red Oxx Market Tote Tough Enough for River Rock Collecting

Shopping Totes For Life!

Red Oxx "Mermaid" Jennifer K. feels adventure is out there to be had, but how do you bring it home once it’s over? She says, "Sometimes you have to bring a piece of your journey home to remember the best parts. My Red Oxx Shopping Totes are what I use for bringing home those precious memories." Here Jennifer shares her Summer Adventure Story.

Why Bring One Tote When Three is Ideal?

Whenever my family is going on a road trip vacation we use a minimum of three Red Oxx Shopping Totes for our trip. Once we get on the lake and or dunk in the river, they are an absolute necessity.

When we go adventuring with our boat we pack all our food for the day in the big Market Tote. We always end up using the other two smaller Totes for gathering interesting rocks or other wild finds. My family loves pretty rocks like agates and the Totes are easy-to-clean when we’re done.

Even Montana Mermaids need their Market Totes – not for finding sea shells, for collecting agates in the Yellowstone River!

We decided the Totes are the easiest Red Oxx bags to take along for this task. It’s amazingly durable considering all those rocks we lug around. You can watch the Red Oxx Tote vs Giant Chain Tug of War video below to see how tough they are.


Red Oxx Market Tote Stress Test – How Much Weight Can It Hold?

Because of this inherent toughness, I feel confident that I can drag my Totes through the water and they’ll not fall apart. They are truly made tough! I like that I can tie the long Market Tote carry straps together into a knot to keep the rocks from sliding out when we’re driving home.

As I mentioned, the best part of using Red Oxx Shopping Totes to gather river rocks is that it’s easy to wash all the dirt and grime out at the end of a fun weekend. These Totes are one of the best go-to bags we carry!
~Jennifer K.


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