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How to Pack for a Summer Mission Trip to Nepal

How to Pack for a Summer Mission Trip to Nepal

Despite the fact that this year there was no real trip to look forward to, Theresa planned a trip to Nepal that "could have been". In the process she created a "how to pack a backpack for carry-on travel to Nepal" guide. Having learned the number one reason to travel carry-on style, Theresa themed her packing around carry-on travel. Here’s Theresa with her Summer Adventure Journal "Fantasy Packing Session"submission:

Travel Imaginings Begin with Planned Packing

I now plan to do carry-on travel only as waiting is not one of my virtues, nor is lugging lots of stuff. Having had my luggage go around the world by itself and not come home with me on one occasion was enough of a lesson that I knew I wouldn’t make the checked-travel mistake again. I also planned to be sensitive to the customs in Nepal as well as choose belongings which dried quickly, so those factors ruled my packing list. I kept my list simple and limited.

Here my packing list of what I planned for my attire for two weeks, this includes what I would wear on the plane:

  • Three Macabi skirts: fast drying, deep pockets, can be made into shorts for wading or long pants if needed for protection from brush when walking.
  • Four merino wool short-sleeved t-shirts: these went with all the skirts making a total of 12 different outfits.
  • Three pairs of undies and two bras.
  • A sarong.
  • A Tilley hat.
  • My Keen Rose sandals: these are wonderful for all kinds of terrain.
  • My Croc flips for the plane and showers.
  • A pair of shorts and a long t-shirt for lounging or sleeping.
  • Two bandanas for washing off grime during the day.

Most of these items (and more) easily fit into my K-12 Kat Pack Backpack. Here is a picture of what I was able to get into my Red Oxx K-12.

Theresa Crows Red Oxx K12 backpack contents

Back row:

Makeup bag; bag containing sink stopper, clothesline, laundry soap sheets; Tilley hat

Middle Row:

Liquid toiletries; undies cube; cube w/ clothes – sleepwear and bandannas, Two Turkish towels

Front Row:

Container with travel liquids; Gator for my "under-the-seat" bag and it stored the items that I would need during the flight.

Theresa Crows Red Gator contents

Back row:

Prayer journal with pen; wipes, Vitamin C, and prescriptions.

Middle row:

Sarong with noise cancelling headphones, neck wallet for passport, money and cards; Croc flips for airplane.

Front row:

Kindle chargers and small ear buds in zipped container; Journal with pens.

The only things not shown which would have easily fit in the Gator were sunglasses, my phone and a water bottle/filter which I did not get since this trip did not materialize.

I would have worn the neck wallet after going through the scan at the airport and either kept that on or put the contents in the deep zip pocket of my skirt.

The Gator was much lighter than I anticipated and the K-12 was somewhat heavier. I did put the clothing pack at the bottom but may need to consider taking out a t-shirt and/or one skirt or change my loungewear into something lighter. Another consideration would have been to put my undies cube and makeup bag into the Gator to help lighten the load on my back.

Theresa crow bags packed

Now I know I can be ready for a flight to Nepal quickly as I’ve already packed for it using my Gator and K-12. Both of these have been my EDC at various times for various reasons, and I really love using them. You will notice that I’m partial to the Mariner Blue color; however, my Lil Roy and Nomad are both in the Amethyst color (now Iris), but I opted not to use these for this trip. I also had thought about using my black Chica instead of the Gator, but as I would need a water bottle and filter for this trip, the Gator allowed me more access to the contents. Those were the deciding factors for choosing the Gator.

The lesson that I have learned from this packing practice adventure is that planning and packing for a trip are still a great deal of fun!

Alas, that is a stock picture of the Himalayas in Nepal, but I hope to have my own pictures to share should I get to go on this trip next summer!

    ~Theresa Crow, Dickson, Tennessee, July 2020

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