Celebrity Singer Toni Dolce Sings Packing Cubes Praises

Celebrity Singer Toni Dolce Sings Packing Cubes Praises

Innovative packing tips using color cubes.

A few months ago we ran across a great packing video from Mrs. Dolce where she demonstrated how she packed a long list of items in our Sky Train for a musical tour. We loved the video and thought she might appreciate taking a crack at using our new packing cube collection to help organize her belongings even more. As usual, we were blown away by some clever uses for the cubes.

Packing Cubes Sing a Melody

Said Toni, "I just returned from my break in Maui."

    "The packing cubes are a wonderful addition to my Red Oxx collection. Not only are the built with the same construction I am used to, the colors are very eye-catching and the cubes are surprisingly spacious."

Watch for yourself in the video below how she organized her vacation belongings, again, all into her favorite Carry-on bag, the Sky Train, along with a few extra belongings for her personal item in one of our Market Totes.

Splendid, isn’t she wonderful? Not only can Toni sing and pack, she also runs her own PR company, Purple Critter Media, located in NYC. Whew, how does she find the time and the energy? Well since she’s got it, we’re tapping into it. It’s contagious! ~ Cheers, Jim Markel CEO

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