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C-Ruck Rucksack Goes Rucking Around the World

C-Ruck Rucksack Goes Rucking Around the World

Medical goods organizer and head rest

Red Oxx rucksack fan Chris Barfield loves his C-Ruck Carry-on Rucksack. In fact, a while back he raved how it helped organize his medical equipment and then rated it also makes for a great pillow! Today, we caught up with him on his travels around the world. We wanted to know how his favorite ‘pillow’ was holding up. Here’s his latest rucking around the world report.


I did an Adventure Journal about my C-Ruck a couple of years ago (Feb 2013). It had been to several countries at that time and had been holding up great. Since then, it’s been all over the world. Frankly, I stopped keeping track of everything it’s done and held and everywhere it’s been. But among other places, it’s been to Colombia, Romania, Albania — a bunch of countries that end in -nia’s … really.

Yeah, it’s a joke we have. We always get sent to the -ia countries, never the nice places. Germany, Italy, France, Spain, England. You know, the places you can actually drink the water? I always get sent to the 3rd world.

My C-Ruck has held up incredibly well. There’s virtually no wear on the bag and it’s been in some pretty rugged environments. I’m attaching a pic I snapped of it during a relaxing trip (finally!) to Myrtle Beach recently.

Keep up the good quality. I’m glad there’s still American manufacturing companies out there killing it!!!

Sincerely, Chris Barfield

And we’re glad you’re keeping in touch regarding your continued travels with our C-Ruck Rucksack. We’ll be looking forwards to more stories come the day you get to relax … back at home. Cheers, Jim Markel CEO

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