Business Travel Professional Discovers Sky Train Triple Flexibility

Business Travel Professional Discovers Sky Train Triple Flexibility


Kasey Austin, vice president at the award winning travel agency Austin Adventures here in Billings, Montana is discovering that the Red Oxx Sky Train is a bag that can wear many hats. Here she relates her recent trip to Ireland where she learned that the Sky Train could very well be the most versatile carry-on travel bag she's yet encountered. Check out the three reasons why Kasey thinks her Sky Train was her perfect travel companion.

Sláinte, from the Emerald Isle, aka Ireland

I write this from Bunratty Castle after attending the Adventure World Travel Summit 2014 based in Killarney, a beautiful mountainous town in southwestern Ireland. Although this was a four-day conference for adventure travel professionals from all parts of the tourism business worldwide (tour operators, travel agents, hotel representatives, tourism boards, etc.), the Adventure Travel Trade Association sure knows how to show their attendees a good time by showcasing a "Day of Adventure" the day before the conference begins.

The next three days are always a blur of meetings, networking and inspirational talks – great for getting pumped up on adventure travel. I write this gear review today because I couldn't help but realize how much of this past week has been centered on my good ole Sky Train, Red Oxx's hybrid backpack / carry-on must-have for travelers abroad. Allow me to inform you on THREE reasons why the Sky Train was my perfect travel companion for a fun and demanding week...

1) No Hassle Carry-on

From Billings, Montana it takes no less than three airport connections to make it to anywhere on the continent of Europe. Having lost my luggage on a recent adventure to Amsterdam upon checking my oversized carry-on at the last minute, I wasn't about to make that mistake again. When heading into security, I glided on through having placed my liquids and small laptop in the outer easy-to-get-to pocket. Simple!

My Sky Train, while stuffed full, easily fits into the overhead bins because it's made out of a durable, flexible, super-strength material. Brilliant!

On all those quick flight changes, I whipped out the backpack straps and dodged my way through the crowds of the airport. Hassle-free!

When you're on-the-go like me, a piece of luggage that can keep up on the transition between airports and vans, and buses is like a good friend – always there when you need them.

2) Up, Up, and Away -- Unconventional Uses for the Sky Train

Little did I realize that I was going to need an actual backpack for this conference. Like I said earlier, ATWS features a "Day of Adventure" and for me, this meant I was hiking to the top of the tallest peak in Ireland, Carrauntoohil. Having the Sky Train in my arsenal, I hooked up the backpack straps and took off with my lunch, extra layers, and water in tow.

Lucky for me I had plenty of room in my hybrid pack as we saw all four seasons of Ireland that day and I used all of the layers I had packed. After lots of rain and pockets of sunshine on the way up, we found the top of the peak shrouded in fog, just in time for a chilly lunch. Before we headed back down, sunshine broke through the clouds providing us a quick view of our beautiful and green surroundings.

3) Lookin' Pretty Pro

After a Day of Adventure in Ireland with my fellow ATWS attendees, it was time to get down to business at the conference center in Killarney. For the following three days, I morphed my Sky Train from a pack into a messenger bag by tucking the retractable backpack straps into the smugglers pocket and attaching the Claw Noslip Shoulder Strap across the top of the bag. Having unpacked my clothes back in the hotel room, I organized my catalogs, laptop and notebook in the two large interior compartments and kept my pens, business cards and other essentials in the accessible outer pocket. I not only felt organized, but also looked professional (at least I thought so)

I couldn't believe the number of compliments on how durable my "briefcase" looked!

All in all, my Sky Train came in unbelievably handy whether I was flying high at 30,000 feet, climbing Ireland's tallest peak at 1,038 meters or networking in the conference center at sea level. Its ability to transform from a backpack to a messenger bag in 30 seconds' time and its uncanny ability to squeeze into any overhead bin had me thinking time again, "Why would any travel professional not invest in this piece of luggage?" Whether I'm heading to Europe for a conference or to Africa for a safari, Red Oxx's Sky Train is sure to follow in my footsteps.

Kasey Austin, Vice President of Operations | Austin Adventures
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[caption id="attachment_11447" align="alignleft" width="400"]Sky Train turns Business Briefcase

Sky Train turns Business Briefcase[/caption]

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