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Mini Boss REF: 91016

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Technical Specifications

Meet the new Boss in town. Take me any where, any flight, any time.

When the flight attendant calls "All aboard" you can be confident your Red Oxx Mini Boss International sized carry-on bag will fit perfectly in any bag checker and airline overhead bin, including those fussy international flights. Red Oxx built this compact version of their ever popular Air Boss with the international, overnight, or weekend business traveler in mind.

Designed in-house from the ground up, Red Oxx took the proven premise of the Air Boss Carry-on Bag and masterfully reduced its size to create a bag completely compatible with virtually any airline carry-on policy. Driven by the IATA's quota research to develop across-the-board carry-on dimensions, Red Oxx also included customer requests for a padded notepad/laptop or tablet sleeve compartment, added security self-locking zippers to the side passport pockets and engineered the bag to stand upright when loading and unloading. The Mini Boss is best defined as a TSA "checkpoint friendly" bag.

So committed to designing this compact business travel bag to pass all carry-on airline sizing dimensions, Red Oxx purchased an actual International size carry-on bag checker, the exact same model the airlines use.

Created for an overnight or two to three day business trip, the Mini Boss features two large compartments. The interior dimensions of each of the dual interior compartments (including the main compartment and laptop) are the same at 19"L x 12"H x 3.25"W.

The front compartment was designed to organize your clothes. It flips open completely, the tough #10 YKK zippers ending at the bottom of the bag. The front compartment was thoughtfully designed to perfectly fit our exclusive line of packing cubes. The Kingfisher Large Packing Cube fits snugly with a couple of Extra Small Hedgehogs for organizing smaller belongings on the side or use a single Meerkat Tube Cube for longer items. One inch wide Fastex clips and webbing cinches your clothes in, reducing wrinkle worries. A zippered flip-out privacy pocket 12 inches wide by 10 inches tall is stitched to the inner side of the front flap. This handy pocket was created for storing toiletries. You'll love how you can simply flip it out for those ornery TSA agents.

The back laptop / tablet compartment opens half way down the sides, this prevents your cords and electronic accessories from falling out. This second compartment has a "hanging laptop sleeve" that will accommodate laptops up to 15 inches. Padded with closed cell foam and wrapped in 400 weight CORDURA® Brand Nylon, the laptop sleeve is sewn in at the top and down both sides and is cleverly suspended from the bottom so your computer won't get whacked when you set down your bag. The sleeve is protected on all sides.

The front and back of the Mini Boss International Carry-on has full-length zippered pockets, just like the front pocket on the Air Boss, plenty of room for smaller flat items like magazines, gloves, your passport or a scarf. You'll love how even when both compartments are loaded, the bag lays flat up against your body while you carry it.

The Mini Boss Compact International Carry-on includes all the awesome features that make our bags the best.

Andreas Meuller was so impressed he made a couple of Mini Boss product review videos. Here is his first impressions of the Mini Boss. He later made another video, in this one he packs the bag.

U.S.A. Dimensions:
19"L x 6.5"W x 12"H.
Capacity: 1,480 cubic inches.
Weight: 3.4 pounds.

Metric Dimensions:
48.3cm L x 16.5cm W x 30.5cm H
Capacity: 24.3 Liters.
Weight: 1.54 Kilos

Pocket Dimensions:

  • Dual exterior full length zippered side flat pockets: 10.5"H x 19"W
  • Interior flip-out zippered toiletries pocket: 9"D x 12"W
  • Laptop sleeve: 9.5"D (to top rim of sleeve) x 18"W

"No Bull" no question's asked Lifetime Warranty. Red Oxx lasts longer.
Designed, hand crafted, and shipped from Billings, Montana U.S.A..
Transit Shipping Time Map.
Priority International to Canada is $30.00. Australia and New Zealand is $55.00. All other International orders are $50.00. More information on International Shipping here.

Witness the birth of your bag and learn about the many steps it takes to handcraft your Mini Boss.

Meet the thundering herd here in Montana who build your gear with pride.

Red Oxx is a Veteran owned and operated US Manufacturer.

UPGRADE to The Long Hauler Comfort Carry Strap.

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Mini Boss Trivia:
On the flight deck of an aircraft carrier, the Air Boss is in charge of all the operations of the flight deck. He controls the moving of planes on deck, landing of aircraft, launching aircraft, ordinance handling, and safety of all the personnel occupying the flight deck. The Mini Boss is second in command. Orders are communicated with the flight deck via megaphone. Ex: "Hey brownshirt. Get out of that checked baggage line and on the plane, now!"