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Cable Lock REF: 91100

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Technical Specifications

I offer stainless steel sex appeal. Simple solution. To a complex problem.

Try our Luggage Cable Lock and you'll never have to remember a combination or carry a key with you again.

How's that? All our made in U.S.A. Red Oxx travel bags come with a Dog Tag "price tag" that's attached to the bag using this wire cable lock. Simply unscrew the wire cable at the knurled thumbscrew, slip the cable through the base holes on the closed zipper tabs on your bag, remove the price tag dog tag, screw it back together and voila, a deceptively simple Luggage Cable Lock that looks permanent (see image in Photos tab).

Any single zipper pocket can also be secured with the cable lock by pulling it through the nylon pull tab (loop) located on the bag at each end of the zipper and through the hole in the base of the zipper tab. Or thread it through the holes in the zippers.

In fact, many of our customers have used a wire cutter to remove the dog tag price tags, when all you need to do is unscrew it. Now understand, a determined thief can put their fingers a little way into your bag despite the Cable Lock, but the idea is to slow them or fluster them such that the lock will deter them and they will move on, as most opportunistic thieves do.

If checking your bag, the cables also help keep it from accidentally zipping open. And for only a dollar, that's low cost piece of mind. The 1 mil diameter twisted stainless steel cable has a tested tensile strength of 36 lbs. Now you can purchase the cable lock in any quantity you like.

Our Luggage Cable Lock is six inches long (cable) with knurled thumbscrew (locking mechanism). Note that you can also screw two or more cable locks together to make an extra long cable lock.

Lifetime Warranty.

Said satisfied customer Charles, "This accessory came with my Sky Train a couple of years ago. I have bought "look-alikes" but none has lasted as long as the original Red Oxx Luggage Cable Lock did, still using it today!"

Buy two or more Cable Locks, you'll always find a use for more than one!

Common Cable Lock usage ideas:

  • Secure your luggage by locking your zippers together or a zipper to a pull tab loop.
  • Use as a key chain, makes it super easy to change out keys. Remember to secure it tight with Loctite® (see FAQs for further instructions) or you might lose your keys if it comes loose.
  • Use it in conjunction with our personalized custom Dog Tags to label your tools, keys, clothes, etc.
  • String a bunch together and make a funky (and useful) bracelet or cool necklace.

Red Oxx is a Veteran owned and operated business.

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