Hutterite Fly Swatter

  • Each Fly Swatter smacker head is unique in color.
  • Solid wood handles.
  • Built to smack flies for years to come.

Technical Specifications

Swat away those annoying flying pests with a true hand-crafted Mountain View Hutterite Faux Leather Fly Swatters!

  • Each Fly Swatter smacker head is unique in color. Some smacker heads are cut smooth, some with jagged edging.
  • Solid hardwood handles. ( NOTE: Notching the handle for each kill is not recommended as it can weaken it).
  • Flexible Synthetic Faux Leather Swatter Head is hand cut out and double sided, then stitched together. Heads are then manually hole punched for aerodynamic targeting. Built tough to smack flies for years to come!

Got this kind and thoughtful message from one of the herd... We love this kind of correspondence.

Hello, Jim.
You can count on me as a satisfied fan of the brand and of the products. Your YouTube videos are entertaining, fun and always instructive.

The fly swatters are a stroke of genius and I wish I was the fly in the wall listening to the idealization session for that one (so long as I did not get swatted in the process!).

Here's wishing you and RedOxx continued success -- what a way to develop a brand!