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Flexo-Line Travel Clothesline REF: 10103

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Technical Specifications

I'll wrestle your clothes dry. Look sharp while abroad.

Here's the perfect solution to keeping your clothes looking sharp while traveling. Red Oxx has found it. Since 1943, the Flexo-Line Travel Clothesline has been an essential accessory for leisure and business travelers seeking to trim their travel budgets by laundering their own clothes.

Created by agricultural engineer Lloyd Copeman, the Flexo-Line Traveler's Clothesline is stretchy and simple to use and was cleverly designed to ditch the need for clumsy clothespins. Crafted with durable, high quality, lightweight materials, this handy portable clothesline will last for years.

Constructed out of surgical-quality natural latex rubber tubing with triple strand braids for extra grip the Flex0-line is hand-washable. It's smooth surface won’t snag delicate fabrics, and it easily loops around doorknobs, hooks, trees or towel bars. This Extra Large model stretches up to seven feet long (2.1 meters) and will support up to 12 pounds (4.5 kg) of clothing. So lightweight, the Flexo-Line weighs less than an ounce. Goodbye clumsy clothespins, your wet clothes will tuck into the twisted gaps and stay put until dry.

Think of how much you'll be saving in laundering costs and personal time as well as the annoying hassle of locating a laundromat! Flexo-Line Laundry Clotheslines can be used while cruising, backpacking, camping, RV-ing, sailing and of course, while staying in hotels, vacation rentals, hostels, apartments & even dorms.

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