Red Oxx Herd Part 3 – Makers and Mavericks

Red Oxx Herd Part 3 – Makers and Mavericks

Carrying on with who makes up the Red Oxx Herd – Part 1 we covered the Road Warrior, in Part 2 we talked about the Digital Nomad, here in the final article of who is the herd series, we present Makers and Mavericks. Let’s define who these unique individuals are and the bags that they depend upon.

Bags for the Makers and Mavericks

What is a Maker? A maker can be anyone who has a hobby they enjoy to stay busy. Our CEO’s hobby is glass blowing. During his trip to Italy to explore the craft his friend Dustin pointed out how well the Big Bull Roll-up worked as a bag to carry their glass-blowing equipment.

A few of the members in the herd here are fond of macrame and crochet. For them, their favorite bags are the Shopping Totes, available in three handy sizes.
Shopping Totes
Now a Maverick might be somebody who does things a bit different than most people. Perhaps they are in Law Enforcement, Border Security, First Responders, Essential Medical Workers, or some other government branch, usually something with an accronym. For them, an everyday carry type bag like the Gator EDC Bag is a popular choice. They can load their range ammunition and pistols in the bag and are confident that the durable nature of the Gator assures that it can handle the weight of ammo and weapons while the padding protects their valuable contents.

The same could be said of photographers, they can use a Gator, or put their digital supplies like chargers, batteries and lens in the Gator’s pockets or stash them in a Lil Roy EDC Cache Bag. Both bags have enough pockets to keep things organized without wondering just which pocket did I put that needed thing in?

First Responders have found the Booty Boss Waist Pack advantageous when the going gets rough, they’ve got what they need at hand. One member of the mavericks herd was out for a jog when they saw a car accident. In his Booty Boss was the materials needed to save a life. He swears by his bag and wears it daily.

Whether the personas on your gift list this year are roamers or stay-at-homers you’re sure to find that perfect bag to match the man or woman on your wish list.

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