Red Oxx Herd Part 2 – Digital Nomads

Red Oxx Herd Part 2 – Digital Nomads

Picking up where we left off in Part 1 – Road Warriors, in this article, we’ll discuss the bags that make up the Digital Nomad’s world. Programmers, developers, social media mavens, and writers of all kinds fall into this category. Let’s dive in.

Bags for the Digital Nomad

Red Oxx makes a bunch of bags for those who long to feel connected to the world through the web. These are the Digital Nomads, people who want padded protection for their expensive and fragile communication devices. No matter what the size of said mobile device, Red Oxx has the Digital Nomad covered.

There are two bags perfectly suited for that over-sized awkward mobile device, the tablet. iPads fit in the slip pocket in our handsome Micro Manager (will also fit small laptops, like a Macbook). Or if you prefer a messenger style bag with the flap, the padded Chica can safely carry tablets and smaller latops.

While the name of the Chica is feminine in description, the bag can also appeal to those more masculine, just call it the Chico.

Taking another step up in size, Red Oxx developed two briefcases for Digital Nomad laptop users. Now in their latest iteration, the Metro Laptop Briefcase and it’s bigger brother the CPA Briefcase both can carry large format laptops up to 17 inches. Each briefcase has sleek raised front pockets for storing chargers and cables and interior organization pockets. The CPA has enough room you can use it as a weekender bag and pack a day’s worth of clothes in it.

As one member of the herd said, "I need a bag that will protect my expensive laptop, but looks good, too, without screaming Steal me!" This is the C.C. Rider Messenger Bag.

Over a decade in development the C.C. Rider stands for Commute and Carry. The biggest delay in the development was that a messenger style bag was considered to be "too floppy" by our lead designer. So several variations were built and tested and went around the world.

Here’s one of our avid prototype testers with his take on the C.C. Rider when the final version arrived on his doorstep.
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